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  1. Both mantras have their own significants. There are more that one gayathri. for example sudarshana gayathri, soorya gayathri etc.


    I am not sure in vedas it is written about "Hare krishna" becasue vedas were written long before dwapura yuga.

    Also in vedas nothing more is written about trimoorthies.


    I am not a veda pandit. But I have little knowledge on vedas. Any one can clarify me..

  2. You will not get that here.


    Vashikaran Mantra and tantra not sold here. How dare you asking such things. And if we are not giving you will get it from some where. go and get that. Studying is hard for you. but searching these materials and doing sadhana is very easy?.


    If it is so easy then why all need to study?. All will do sadhana and pass the exams. How funny isnt it?


    You are not going to get it here


    Arjuna killed Karna because he liked the idea of justice and serving God in the execution of his social duties. It was a deliberate and free decision.



    Then no one can blaim the alquaida and Taliban terrorists. They believe they are promoting terrorism (Jihad) for the sake of Allah.. and killing innocent people.

    Yes in kurukshetra also a lot of innocents were killed.

    Does this sounds like people are taking or involving god to justify their sins.

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