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  1. Pretas yakshinis and gnadharwas do exist. I have come across some people who have seen pretas and they feel the presence of these evil spirits. But I think every one doesn’t have that extra sensitivity. I don’t know why. I have not seen or felt there presence so far. It’s like the two sides of a coin. One is good and one is evil. There are some powers in this universe that we are yet to understand. There was incidents like a 5 year old muslim girl is speaking in Sanskrit and chunting the mantras. It was told that some preata atma of brhamin has entered into this girls body and that atma was doing this. Moderns since is describing this as dual personality but it is hard do digest. I am trying to understand the logic behind this. But luck so far.

  2. India's Missing Women: Where Will All the Bachelors Go?
    Why its happening. Because people cant Take the burden of huge dowry on their heads. If every one decides not to give dowry and take dowry, this can be changed. This is where we are lagging. Some days back I heard from one of my collogue that here parents are giving 5 Cr INR as dowry. It is some thing needs attention and that way we can improve this situation. But who cares?.

  3. The historians says that long ago ayyapa war worshiped by some people who stays in mountains of kerala. I mean the tribes of the mountains. Later Brahmins adopted him as god because they realize the power that temple or statue and they given a story of Mohini and shiva. Now a days Ayyapa is worshiped as a god all over south <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:country-region><st1:place>India</st1:place></st1:country-region>. But there is some thing that this much devotees are going to this particular temple.

    Another form of similar god is vettakorumakan. Vettakorumakan is worshiped in all over kerala as especially in northern kerala. Vettakorumakan is defined as son of Shiva and Parvathi.

    I think some where in the spiritual script it is written about both of them. I have a book about temples of kerala in that book it is mention about the spiritual description of both. Presently that book is kept in my home at kerala. I will try to get those details as soon as I go home.

  4. Are you saying that people do cultivation before Stone Age? At that time humans are eating meat vegetarian concept came after that. Most probably during Vedic culture. I have seen that many veggies feeding their pets only vegetarian foods. But may are feeding meat.

    Who is feeding meat to street dogs?. But they are still alive. Definition of karma is deferent from person to person and religion to religion..

  5. Stree na svatantriam arhaye. It is written in manusmriti.. Look it in another way..It was written very long ago and that time the culture was like that. Now everything got changed. There are a lot of good things written in puranas. Does every one follows that. No.


    So why we are going behind manu.. Leave him. Think of today and how we can implement the good things written in our puranas to todays life..


    may god bless you all..

  6. What hapend is happend. So throw your worries from your mind and live like a good wife. As you have already told this to your husband half of your sin is gone. Now pray to god for forgive you and give the strength to not to repeat such things in future. Be a good wife and do your duties as a wife and as a mother. We human make mistakes because we are not gods. The best thing in you is you are realising your mistake and you dont want to repeat that.

    Dont think you are a bad person, every one is good. throw your worries from your mind and live a good life.


    May god bless you in your rest of life.

  7. Those who think chanting is fancy, its ok for them. Chanting is deferent listening is deferent. I have seen people who listening to bhanjans while they do work or driving. In my opinion it is some how ok. Because they are hearing the name of god.

    But chanting is some thing needs your full concentration. Each words has it significance. While chanting nay mantra if you stress any wrong word it may cause wrong effect. It has been proven.

    I personally do not know why people are doing deferent karma at same time.

  8. Namrata,


    I totally agree with Adwait. Think twise before you act. Dont forget you need to spend your whole life. And your are going to take big a decision. Sit peacefully and then think. What you gain if you marry that guy and what you loss. try to balance your gain and loss. If I am in your position I will not disobey my parents. because because of them I am here. And they takem care of me till yesterday.

    I am not insisting you to obey your parents. But final disicion is yours.


    You can not solve this with any mantras. Try to convince them. They might be orthodox thats why they are not agreeing. But it is not their fault.


    And remember none of the parents want to hurt thier children. They are thinking of your good future.


    No need to specify your name in this forum.. We are here to help all. We will do our best always..


    If you want to delete this message you can do that.



  9. SreeShatrighna temple is a famous temple in kerala. It is well known for Nalambala yatra.

    The yearly festival starts on 21<SUP>st</SUP> Feb and ends on 25<SUP>th</SUP> Feb. The main festival is on 22<SUP>nd</SUP> Feb. if any one wants to visit this temple, you are most welcome. Probably I will be available there during these days. If anybody wants any more information, please let me know. This temple is situated in trissur district of Kerala state


    Are you a mukti pada or liberated person? Or are you repeating the words of a mahaparusa whom you are following? Or is this just your opinion?




    It is my openion. There were a lot of debates on on this subject. I am just searching for a answer to my question. Why vedas are not talking about trimoorties. If we are following only vedas there is know space for trimoorties. Then whom should we follow. Vedas or itihasas.

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