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  1. It´s been fun to see your reactions. Very few persons on these forums actually understand what I am talking about. Study more, unless you are already too brainwashed by your Bungla gooroos, and you will find out what is what. Take care.
  2. Pankaja dasa, if you think Srivaishnavas believe in Radha you obviously need to study a lot harder!
  3. Ok, let´s see those quotes!
  4. Pankajadasa ji, if you knew anything about Srivaishnava philosophy you wouldn´t ask that question.
  5. Yeah, well, this is not an upanishad that Srivaishnavas emphasize. But you Gaudiyas have taken your "maha-mantra" from it. And it says that by chanting the mantra one and a half crore times you get that particular result. If you rather walk around a tulasi plant instead of chanting it, feel free to do so.
  6. But to replace the word Lakshmi with Radha is ludicrous in itself.
  7. This is not a mantra, but verses in Bengali.
  8. As they are names of Narayana, why would anyone want to think about something else? For what purpose? As Narayana is the ultimate goal of all living beings according to the scriptures. On the other hand, thinking about a Radha does not make any sense and has nothing to do with reality. There is only ONE God, ladies and gentlemen...
  9. The final word in this discussion is the origin of the mantra itself, namely Kali-santarana Upanishad! "'By merely uttering the names of the Primeval Purusha, who is Bhagavan Narayana, one is freed from the clutches of Kali.' Narada asked again: 'What are those names of Narayana?'" sa hovaca hiraNyagarbhah hare rAma hare rAma rAma rAma hare hare hare kRShNa hare kRShNa kRShNa kRShNa hare hare"
  10. Your impression is totally wrong my friend. Are you implying that Sri Ramanuja Acharya didn´t argue against philosophical misconceptions of others?
  11. It refers to Hari, not "Radha". No matter what others might say.
  12. This doesn´t make any sense whatsoever Maharaj.
  13. That makes sense. The philosophical contents of the GV Brahma-samhita can hardly be harmonized with Madhva´s philosophy. </rind_19>
  14. What is the smashing about? How old are you? Anyway, here is a hopefully clearer translation: iti ShoDaSakalAvRtasya jIvasyAvaraNavinASanam | tatah prakASate param brahma meghApAye raviraSmimanDalIveti | Tr: "(This mantra) destroys the sixteen kalas of the jiva, beginning with the prana, which constitute the veil of ignorance. Then the Supreme Brahman shines forth, just as the solar disc shines forth brilliantly when the clouds vanish." Ok, I didn´t read it the way you did though. Sense of individuality in the other translation I read as false ego. Which is quite different! However, merging with God is also a possibility as per the Vedas. So don´t criticize it.
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