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  1. Thanks for the link. Interesting flash movie but it is not correct. But as least Krishna is recognized as being the first to introduce religion on the planet. But they leave out the Zoroastrians that appeared before Abraham and Hinduism was mcuh bigger than shown on the movie. Zoroastrianism is the big connection western historians still ignore even with all the evidence at their hands they continue to ignore the Zoroastrian influence on Judaism. Another movie much better should be done and the Vaishnavas should challenge these omissions by the theologians, historians and scientist. We should be in their face about it until we are heard and the real history of religion is told.
  2. Hey Tattvadas, lets not forget when Krishna killed the Putana demon she got a very elevated position as a Mother of Lord Krishna. What do you say to that?????? Others please let Tattva respond to this question first.
  3. Kanaka

    Hawan Mantra

    If you chant Hare Krishna it also includes Laxmi.
  4. Kanaka

    Hawan Mantra

    If you chant Radha KRishna you will get a good effect and it is easy to pronounce so why don't you try that instead or at least add it to your chanting.
  5. Kanaka

    Hawan Mantra

    Laxmi is a manifestation of Radharani.
  6. Kanaka

    Hawan Mantra

    Sorry I don't know the answer. Hare Krishna.
  7. It is actually very difficult to make aparadha. But those with cult mentalities like to use fear to keep people in line. The fear of making an offense or an aparadha is sometimes used to keep followers in line, but a Paramahamsa would never do such a thing or use such a tactic. Just like the fear of hell is used to keep people in line within the Christian tradition sometimes lower Vaishnavas like to use fear to control their followers. It is also not that all offenses are equal. It depends on the purity of the one being offended. Devotional service is millions of times more powerful than offenses.
  8. Just chant the Holy name and all ghosts go away.
  9. Lets see Jesus says he came to fulfill the laws of Moses and he was a Jew who followed the Torah. In the Torah, In the beginning God rejected the grains offered to him by Cain and accepted the slaughtered animal given by Abel. Doe not add up that Jesus could have been asking us to love that god that accepts blood and rejects grains.
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