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  1. Today I was doing book distribution in the city and I was approached by a Muslim guy who proceeded to tell me "That blue man you worship is not god. The creator of the heavens and earth is not blue. God has no form like any created thing. God is not like any thing in the created world". I said, you say that Allah is the name of God. Allah is a sound, a form existing in the physical world. Your Allah has a form too, but we have a clearer understanding of the real form of God than the hazy idea of "allah".
  2. News of the world, from a Vedic viewpoint: Providing information about yoga, meditation and vegetarianism, promoting peace through nonviolent, positive action, we want to make the earth a better place for all the children of the world. OM The Eternal, Pure Consciousness of the Supreme Reality never changes and it is this same spiritual being OM that is radiating forth the entire cosmos, from minerals to humankind. As sparks burst from a bonfire or as rays of light are emitted by the sun, the entire cosmos is produced by OM, the Everlasting and radiant Reality. It has been shown to a certain extent by modern science that life may arise from minerals and experimentation into the origins of life on earth is continuing. There is really no reason why life should not emerge from such apparently lifeless matter as rock, water or chemicals. According to Yoga philosophy, there is no lifeless matter, for everything is a form of Being (Satyam, "reality") itself. Scientists tell us that inside the tiniest particles of atoms is incredible movement. If there is movement, there must be some kind of energy to cause it, and that energy is the basis of all life. That energy is OM.
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    gopal govinda rama sri madhusudana
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    this is a Krishna conscious site
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    ami to kanjara krsna krsna boli
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