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  1. i dont know... but why do people take some verses from some religios book or from some religious guru's speech to explain this and that...??? Cant we explain things by pure logical ideas excepted by normal human minds? If we really want to find the truth about our universe then there are only two ways. 1> make a space shipt to explore universe and its secrets. Share and teach your findings (to others) which are supported by evidences 2>Do meditation and enter the world of higher energy and find answers to your questions. Share but do not teach your findings to others as every human must BELIEVE others and EXPLORE himself rather that just BELIEVE others.
  2. A sin is counted fully when you perfom it realizing that its a sin. If you do something not realizing that its a sin, will never be considered as sin but it will be added to your karma circle. Abortion is not a sin unless it is done for reasons such as "escaping from the burden of child", "not having baby boy", "escaping the social norm if the mother is not married" etc Abortion done for saving mother is not a sin but a DILEMMA which must be won by the active life, i.e mother. I have seen women in villages dying slowly and slowly because, the baby in their stomach is causing some unexpected disturbances in the mothers body. Such women die at last which is pre-written. They are not allowed to do abortion due to law.. how suffocation would it be...
  3. I think this happens when you are spiritually awake in your life in such a way that you can pick anything that is not logical, even in dreams. Like in our real world, we are under illusion of material life. I guess the same situation is during dream. So i guess, realizing illusion of dream may be a hint that if you try little hard you can also realize the illusion of the real world.
  4. There are two types of people who think that kalki will come after 427000 years: 1> One who believes that as his condition is good so the condition of whole earth is good, so it is not time for kalki to come. 2>and those who chant gods name and think that they are dear to god/krishna. They assume that now or after 427000 years, they will have no problem with god. Let him come slowly. But god is not like humans.... he is the father of everyone. Not a single tears of human calling him goes lost. In this kalyug, During world war 1 more than 20,000,000 people were killed. During WW II more than 60,000,000 people were killed, out of which the concentration camps of nazis was a living hell made on earth. Now talk about the current situation: In Burma, iraq, afghanisthan people are living life of deads. The developing countries has been gripped by coruption and bruthless killings. The people of developed nation are moving towars sex and money which are taken as the only signals of modern society. Kalyug is the darkest time, how can he, the god leave us alone when we need him the most. Humans are not deluded by themselves but by the nature of creation. God understands this. Current time is not for preacher-god. Even if god himself appears on earth now and claims himself as god. More than half will not believe him as people are gripped by their own religios beliefs and philosophy. If one god comes, there will be hundred reasons to prove that he is a satan. Preaching (like krishna did) can only be done when there are people who can understand the logic. But current condition is not so, but humans are not to be blamed for this, as i earlier said, they are victim of creation. Kalki will sure come, Its now. Poor souls started calling god one century ago, its now for him to come. The timing in Veda could go wrong but the cry of souls that started one century ago cant wait another 427000 years. all you preachers out here, how would you feel if you are tortured every single minute of your life with ultimate suffocation. Would you still pray to god to come after 427000 years to help you ?
  5. That i cant tell now.... only aafter i die...i mean after i wake up:sleep: I do meditaions... i dont have time in morning..so i do meditation before going to bed... i normally do meditation for one hour... i feel a kind of heat on my forehead,,, i feel as if my heart is beating inside my forehead... i searched in internet about this and found that its called third eye..... i have never been able to go to trance... i dont have good concentration but this sensation on my forehead started 2-3 days after i started meditation... acutally its not for activating third eye that i am doing meditation... but its opposite... i am using my third eye to meditate.. My life has not been going on track.... i am messed up with confusions... i saw everywhere darkness..... at this time i got one ray of hope as the form of third eye sensation.... i want to hold it so that i can unfold my life's destiny leave it..... I usually get lucid dreaming after i do meditation and sleep... the day i do more meditation...much stronger lucid dreaming i get... But i began dreaming lucid when i was 7 yrs old...i didnt do meditation at that time... But i think the cause for lucid dreaming is the level of ones logic understanding and impletation.. for eg. if you dream that the sky is red, then when you ask yourself in dream... that sky cant be red... the moment you do so... you realize that its your dream... after you realize this... the whole world becomes your... whatever you wish becomes true.... if you wish to find ice creams around the corner...then you get it.... whatever you imagine becomes reality.... it doesnt last long... but its worth to experience
  6. I often have lucid dreams, where i feel everything as real but I know that its only a dream..... That was my dream world... To test how concrete it was, I took some sands in my hand and observed it, i could see each particles of sand as I would see in reality...I felt its warmth, they appeared real...But i knew it was a dream.. (This is a great experience that i ever had) Now before you go on reading what i feel, you must re-analyse your own dreams too. I know lucid dreaming is not common but we all dream. you might have had experience when you find youself in a problem and wish it to turn out to a dream..and poppp...you wake up from your dream and find yourseld on your bed and say: 'wosh, that was all a dream'. The point to note here is not that you dreamed, but that you felt your dream as real. Keep this feeling because you will need it as you read below. Going back to my lucid dream; two things are to be noted: 1>If i never realized that it was a dream, then i would have taken that world as real......because it felt real. It had dimensions. 2>If I would have tried to find the end/limit/concept of my that dream world (remember, i dont know its a dream). Now i can analyze these two points: 1>I am sleeping in my bed, which is real. Now i am dreaming and i dont know that its a dream. I feel everything as if real. Now if my dream goes little longer and concrete, then I will create my own laws: Laws of physics, chemistry, nature etc and I will create my own concepts: Concepts of society, culture and most important my own concept of GOD......which are all just my own imagination and so unreal. 2>(a)Scientist nowdays, try to find the secret of our universe and its end. Now get back to my dream. It is there where I have my own universe. Everything is my own imagination which has got no end. So as i try to explore my dream world, i will keep on expanding my universe by imagining further and further. In simple words: there will be no end. 2>(b)We have a concept of god, a concept of world oder, a concept of life, a concept of yugas, maha yugas. Now get back to my dream and you will find that even i can have my own concepts of GOD and creation. In my dreams i can imagine (without knowing its unreal) saints and gods who speak my imagination with their mouth. As i keep on expanding my religious view, i will create concrete evidence to make my feel that god is there. In simple words: There is no GOD in my universe. Now just think if a simple dream goes concrete and longer, then it can have such an impressing effect..... what if this world where we are living now is also an impressing effect of another dream. Then it means, there is no end of this universe and as we have evolved us further, we have created our own concepts of gods and their roles. What i think is that, this dream is not of a single soul, but its a collective dream which has turned into very very concrete and longer. yes, god exists. rama took birth, krishna took birth. Its true that everything happend but all this might by part of our collective dream, a grand illusion. I have never satisfied myself with any concepts of god or creation. This is all illusion, not only this world where we live but the world where we think god lives. Just aliging witha super soul does'nt make any sense. Actually, the wheel of creation, yugas, mahayugas doesnt make any sense at all. Why should all this be created? why this keeps on going? There is somthing else, that we can never imagine..... unless we wake up and find that everthing we experienced (materials and spirituality) was a dream.....REALITY IS REALLY DIFFERENT...
  7. I think end of kal yug is near. everyone believes that it has been about 5000 years since kalyug started. In 5000 years we have seen such a change. Especially during 20th century, due to increase in transportation and communication, there has been drastic change in religious views. My grandfather believed on whole hindu god system. My father belive in a God. I belive in someone which may be called god. my son will believe.... My grandson may believe.. ... .... ... I am not sure about whether my brahmin caste will survive the after 3-4 generation. The whole world is changing. How can we ever imagine that after 427000 years from now, a true brahmin will still be there to give birth to kalki. Forget about Brahmin, i believe, by then there will be no sign of any religion or caste. If anything should happen, then its now or within maximum of 40-50 years. The end.
  8. I have read everywhere that maya deludes our mind and to overcome it we have to give up desires. Only then we can obtain god. I know the effect of Maya but whats the cause? If god loves us and we love god, then why is Maya created?? If uniting with god is our goal, then why are we obstructed by maya? I searched everywhere. I found thousands of ways to overcome maya and how to unite with god but not a single logical explanation for why the maya is here at the first place.
  9. I got this from a jainism preachings..::: Violence of every type should be completely forbidden. Mental tortures by way of harsh words, actions, and any type of bodily injuries should also be avoided. Even thinking evil of some one is considered violence in Jainism. Practically, it is impossible to survive without killing or injuring some of the smallest living beings. Some lives are killed even when we breathe, drink water, or eat food. Therefore, Jainism says that minimum killing of the lowest form of life should be our ideal for survival. In the universe, there are different forms of life, such as, human beings, animals, insects, plants, bacteria, and even smaller lives which cannot be seen even through the most powerful microscopes. Jainism has classified all the living beings according to their senses as follows: five senses - human, animals, birds, heavenly, hellish beings four senses - flies, bees, etc. three senses - ants, lice, etc. two senses - worms, leaches, etc. one sense - vegetables, water, air, earth, fire etc. The five sense are, touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. It is more painful if a life of the higher forms (more than one sense) are killed. All non-vegetarian food is made by killing a living being with two or more senses.</pre>
  10. I dont know about any incarnation .... i dont have any proof to believe... but still i belive in a god above and "for me" he looks like what we hindu call- "brahma, vishnu and mahesh"..... even i know that he does not have any form... i do not need any proof for this.... i love to be in this illusion... As we have known... lord ram never claimed that he is god and neither of any incarnation of lord vishnu (whether ram, krishna or narashimha) made an ashram for teaching dharma nor did they make any followers.... They came to earth and did their "karma" like common people.... for god..Dharma is not to be taught by words... but by action If there is a kalki.... then he will not claim him as kalki first .. The real Kalki will first do his "karma" and will make everyone to belive what he really is.... and right now no one has done this special "karma".... so no one can be called kalki.....
  11. any sacrifice or yog done with a result in mind is like a "daan" done with "charge of interest"... if u belive in god...... then why do u need to see him.... he is u , he is us.... why do u need to see him.. seeing him should never be a cause for your "yog".... if u do "yog" without any cause, just to impure your soul.. then it will automatically result in "krishna coming before you"..... think about trying... result is not in your hand...
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