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  1. Radhey Radhey Hari Bhakta Dasa, actually, the most important activities in Kali Yuga are chanting (and listening to) the Names of Lord Hari and Roop Dhyan (meditating on the forms of Shyama Shyam). Book knowledge is needed to keep the mind steady and resolve firm, but only Kirtan and Roop Dhyan can purify your heart to the point that the Guru can Grace you with God-Realization. I found this presentation very beautiful, and the creator of it performed very nice seva.
  2. There are many branches of the creeper of devotion sowed my Mahaprabhu. Please do not fall prey to the idea that the only true devotees of Yugal Sarkaar must be members of Gaudiya Vaishnavism or its offshoot ISKCON. Although I have met many wonderful devotees in both organizations, I could never buy into their exclusivism. Any satsang will have some sense of identity and groupism. If it is a true satsang, they will be following the teachings of a God-Realized Guru. This of course will create in the not-yet-pure hearts of the satsangees some sense of seperateness and superiority. But a true God-Realized Saint will never insult other Gurus or other Paths to any of God's many Personalities. As one grows in the path of devotion, he/she will begin to transcend the sense of sectarianism and superiority. I suggest you seek out and attend various satsangs with different teachings with an open mind. But at the same time, in total privacy in your home, shed tears of longing and plead to the Lord to bring you to your Guru. Your Guru already knows you. It requires the tears of love and longing to purify your heart so you will recognize your Guru when you find him or her. As my beloved Guru, Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj Ji has stated: "guru mile kripaa rijhavaar, guru kripaa mile sarakaar" "The Guru is attained through the Grace of God, and God can be reached only through the Grace of the Guru." And we need a Guru because: "guru patitana som kara pyaar, hari nirmala mana ko yar" "God accepts the one who has become pure, but the Guru embraces and loves sinners." If you can find a satsang of Maharaj Ji's devotees, please meet with them. You may also find a Barsana Dham satsang, devotees of one of Maharaj Ji's pracharaks - Swami Prakashanand. Just keep searching for God. There are many Gurus, each guiding you to God along an outwardly different looking path. But ultimately, you must choose one Guru and one path. This doesn't make you sectarian, just practical. But be careful, there a 100 fakes for every one true Guru. Only by praying tearfully to God to show you your Guru will you find Him.
  3. Radhey Radhey! I saw your leaflet about your book in Swades Grocery in Lewisville this evening. I tried to go to the website you listed, but it was not available. So I did a google search on your book and ended up here. I'm eager to see what you have written. Perhaps we will meet at the Bookworm book signing. All glories to Mirabai and all the Rasik Saints!
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