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    I am currently 25 years old and I am an adept of the Hindu Dharma, the eternal path on the way toward the Divine fulfillment that I love to share with all of my Brothers and Sisters as we all learn naturally and this is priceless and cannot be learned by the commercial courses. I Hail to all of our Gods and Divine Beings with highest Adoration out of my Soul, Heart and Mind that are loving them endlessly and as long as this wonderful Forum will exist I will stay regurarely active and discuss lovingly with all of you wishfully learning from each other with mutual respect and engagement. I am new to this path but I already love it so much and I am happy so much that just sharing here my achievements with you is a Highest and the most Sacred Reward to me.

    Om Namah Shivaaya.
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    Hindu Dharma, Buddhist Dharma, Books, Nature, Meditation, Music, Theater, Opera, Food, Ayurveda.
  1. Namaste! All the best for you and wishfully you will discover yourself once again which will not be hard, I am all the time progressing and learning that we have all of this within ourselves as our natural legacy therefore we need to see through the worldly veils of Maya the truth that hides and is the most priceless jewel as are priceless the tears of joy and laugh of enjoyment that comes while doing this and I am truly happy that I am making the same and therefore I am experiencing this wonderful and Priceless tradition that we all share and asking the Gods to assist us with even more courage that I had previously I am exploring the Hindu Dharma and I would like to thank you for sharing this message, wishfully we will talk soon. True devotism has nothing to do with any scholarship and comers from the purest heart and soul together with the mind when it is purified through those three comes the one that is the Divine Jewel within. Om Namah Shivaayah.
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    Namaste! Greetings all Beloves Sisters and Brothers of the Hindu Dharma path, I would like to state on the very beginning that I am very happy to be here and therefore I feel with all of my heart that it is the wonderful place to maintain the discussions conncerning our path and that Guru is in everyone and I would like to tell that it is by the nature that all of us are spiritual perceptors and I am not afraid to state that I am such being but I am not an egocentric and I am only purely working with myself without telling anyone who he / she shall do to fulfill on the path as well as I will not participate in the paid Hindu courses whcih I've found on the internet and thought that they are free but they are not. I am not throwing around the advanced expert names for the Gods, Worship and other aspects of working and I work with all of the aspects of the Hindu Dharma even sikhsism without being one but just exploring all of them in balance and without dividing as a true Mystic and what is mysticism is everything that leads toward the inner and outer cleansing and this process goes on eternally and is not going to be finished after a couple of some achievements. I am here not to spam but to share with all of you the experiences and discuss over all aspects of our path and everyday existence, I would like to send my sincere words of Loyalty and Love to the Adepts of the Hindu Dharma path as I will continue my progress naturally and without having any so called temples as this is not my aims, I am not a follower neither but I am loving the Hindu Faith truly and faithfully without making other traditions of Hindu Dharma less important and I work with all of them in balance, thank you for spending time and reading the message I left here with the best wishes for all of you on the path of Hindu Dharma. Om Namah Shivaaya.
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