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  1. Please explain us your openions first : What is your openion on Lord Shiva (Uma pathi) ? Do you believe he is the Brahman ? do you agree that there are Brahman and jeevas ?
  2. LOL.. Then what is the meaning of following Shruthis: " Ekohavai NArAyaNAseeth na Brahma nEsaanah.." (Mahopanishad) "NarayaNAth Brahma jAyathE , nArAyaNAth rusro jAyathE" (Narayanopanishad) the above verse you given from Svetasvatara upanishad tells about NArAyaNa only , as he all names mention only Narayana (see Bhallaveya shruthi). And vedas never contradict . Don't say your personal belief as truth of Vedas's .
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