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  1. Geneticaly modified food is dangerous. Symptoms like inflammed kidneys, swollen livers and abnormalities in blood have been observed. Cloths made from Geneticaly-modifiied cotton, created skin rashes.
  2. There is No Natural cure for Hernia. Allopathy Surgery shoould be done at the earliest. Do not delay indefinitely. It can get strangulated and one can end up in the emergency ward. Do not go to any Quacks who promise Natural cure.
  3. The symptoms described look like amoebic infection to me. However parasitic infestation aaalso cannot be ruled out. Take treatment for both.
  4. Hari Om, The symptoms described by you are not necessarily due to celibacy. Of course, all ailments begin in the mind. However to make sure, please go to a doctor and a undergo a Medical check-up. Try Neem tablets.
  5. Heavy metals might be used in the preparation process in ayurvedic medicines,, but the end result medicine should not contain any traces of Heavy-Metals if they are manufactured properly. If such traces of Heavy-Metals are found, then the medicine was not manufactured properly, following the proper procedures.
  6. Hari Om, Always ensure that the eyes are moist with enough tear lubrication. If your eyes go dry you are in big trouble. Go to your doctor for a full check-up. Better early than sorry. Also check your eye-ball pressure.
  7. Hari Om, Eckhart Tolle says that if you observe the pain or irritation or discomfort or disturbance or insult,, impersonaly, it will soon disappear. Ramana Maharshi would ask, enquire, To whom is this bulling occuring.? To whom is this disturbance happening.? etc etc. Watching the phenomenon with alertness and dispassion and patience, the problem will disappear. Do not retaliate. But at the same time do not budge or give in. Mahatma Gandhi showed us the path of active civil disobedience. Keep asking them 'Why?' whenever they bully you and they will soon have no answer. Martin Luther King once said, "Christ showed me the way, but Gandhi showed me the Method."
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