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  1. Why become an incompetent guru and get sick? better to not have become a voted-in guru. Is it because of hunger for fame and following that drives one to become a guru?
  2. In the recent past we have seen many ISKCON gurus get sick often and have passed away with fatal diseases like cancer. When they have reasonably been good enough and healthy why should they get such diseases? Usually pure devotees don't get afflicted with such deadly diseases. Which pure devotee in our sampradaya has passed away with fatal diseases or in car crashes? Is it because the present ISKCON gurus are not able to deal with the karma they take from their disciples during initiation? A siddha bhakta, pure devotee can easily deal with karma and get away from them. Or is it because the gurus just are not qualified to be gurus? Won't it be better for them to just remain as senior devotee preachers and be an inspiration for other devotees. That way they can remain longer alive and contribute more to ISKCON than become incompetent gurus and get lost with the karma of their disciples.
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