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  1. Aryans never came to India or the Indian sub-continent , the Aryan invasion of India has been totally made up by the British coz they did'nt want to give credit to the ancient Indian society of high cultural,spiritual & scientific advancement .
  2. Arjuna used ANJALIKA, a divine weapon which was Indra's 2nd strongest weapon after SHAKTI.This ANJALIKA was used to kill Karna.Arjuna used the PASHUPATASTRA to kill Jayadratha. He also used MAHENDRA weapon to kill Sudakshina and Shrutayu.The irrestible weapon BRAHMASURIVAS was used by Arjuna to kill the divine snake,Ashwasen, who tried to help Karna in his battle against Arjuna.
  3. Karna was killed by Indra's divine weapon,Anjalika. This weapon was second only to Indra's most powerful weapon,shakti. The other frontline Kaurava warrior to have been killed by a divine weapon was Jayadratha, who was slain by PASHUPATHASTRA, Lord Shiva's divine weapon.
  4. Respected holy brother Shri Romapada, please do not misinterpret the original Mahabharata by Ved Vyasa and the Gita press, Gorakhpur version of Mahabharata.In both the above versions, Karna is declared to have been the 'avatar' of the sun-god.The Supreme court of India had declared long back that the Gita Press, Gorakhpur version of Mahabharata is the most authentic version of the immortal epic.In both the above versions,it is clearly mentioned that to bring the flourishing ancient Indian civilization to an end, the Sun-God himself took birth on this earth as "Karna". As it is the golden rule of nature, that all civilizations will reach their peak & then disintegrate and finally collapse, that is what happened to the civilization of the Kurus.Even, Krishna's dynasty disintegrated & ended verifying this unchangeable law of nature.
  5. Well , Karna was no doubt better than Arjuna. It is mentioned ,in Mahabharata,that Karna used the NAGASTRA against Arjuna and Arjuna had no reply to it.This Nagastra in reality was the divine snake, ASHWASEN,who was the son of TAKSHAK,the divine serpent around Lord Shiva's neck.When Arjuna helped Lord Agnee in devouring the Khandava forest, then ASHWASEN's mother was burnt alive.Since then, ASHWASEN approached Karna and offered to help him in killing Arjuna. Therefore Karna used him in the Mahabharata war. Regarding Duryodhana, he was definitely more skilful than Bhima in wielding the Mace but not stronger physically than Bhima.
  6. First of all, I want 1 thing to be made clear to everyone on this planet. The story given in some versions of the Mahabharata that, during the Pandavas forest exile period,Duryodhana and Karna were defeated in battle & kept prisoners by the Gandharvas, only to be later rescued by Arjuna,is totally wrong.This is not given in the original version of Mahabharata written by Maharishi Ved Vyas.No doubt,Duryodhana,Dushasana & many of the 100 Kauravas went to the forest belonging to the Gandharva king, Chitrasen and took bath in the forest lake against the wishes of the Gandharvas,but at that time , Karna was not present. In the absence of a strong MAHA-RATHI,Duryodhana and the Kauravas were easily defeated by Chitrasen and the other Gandharvas & were taken prisoners.If Karna was present during that time, then would he not easily have killed Chitrasen with his fatal NAGASTRA? How is it possible that Chitrasen could defeat Karna and then lose to Arjuna & later Arjuna could not defeat Karna in a honest manner?The presence of Karna in the incident totally goes against logic. Furthermore ,forget about comparing Karna and Arjuna, I would say Karna was a better warrior than even Gurudev Dronacharya himself. This is concluded from the fact that on the 13th night of Kurukshetra battle when Ghatotkatcha could not be killed by Drona then Karna was summoned to kill Ghatotkatcha with his capability to use lightning as a weapon.Karna succesfully killed Ghatotkatcha using the power of lightning.
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