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  1. I am interested in the phrase "spiritual communism". Did he see that as a frequent reference or is this a one time description for the sake of clarification. Again, I find this to be at the crux of dedvotion. clearly, IMHO, he is saying not to kill the mice and rats and in fact to assist them. It is a very difficult choice to include rats in the presence of your children in the home.
  2. Yes, i too am bewildered by the origin of this quotation. Please advise.
  3. Thank you for your contributions all. I am grateful that each of you has tsken the time out of YOUR day to help me with my understanding. I have read and digested all the replies and will start the suggested reading when I finish this book
  4. I am reading Steven Rosens's SRI PANCA TATTVA book and am a bit confused on an issue. In 4.4, it refers to a dream and the appearance of the Lord of Hell, Yama. I was never aware that such a place existed in KC and am surprised to hear it mentioned in this context. If indeed this is correct, what actions would preceed a soul spending eternity in Hell?
  5. ah yes. Gone it is. I miss these sites that are fading away but I'm happy for the news ones as well
  6. It would seems that with the recent multiple vesions of his books from various sources there maybe some truth to that rumor. I am not sure that the BBT, which has been revising the books over a period of time, needs to be the sole source of his ministry anyway. I am glad that some have chosen to remain faithful to the original transcriptions and reproduce books in this light. It cant hurt to have his chosen words available along with newly edited and revised versions
  7. "Or why Srila Prabhupada's comments should be relevant to us if he is not our authority ? We have all given up his so called shelter and gone to higher authorities. There is no need to return to his teachings." It is with much sadnes that I read these words from a devotee (or former devotee) The answers are in his words and teachings
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    No joy ride

    Anybody care to verify the quote from SP about the 90%?
  9. "The highly developed soul always remains satisfied in himself by realizing himself as the eternal servitor of the Supreme Lord. Such a transcendentally situated person has no sense desires resulting from petty materialism; rather, he remains always happy in his natural position of eternally serving the Supreme Lord." Thank you for reminding me of this passage
  10. This is one of my favorite passages. I can never hear these words enough
  11. the books this site sells are both novel and most useful. The book on Lord Chaitanya is especially nice
  12. Here is the site link for Bir Krishna Goswami www.bkgoswami.com
  13. Hari Bol! I know little of this Swami. I thank you for the site link
  14. This is a great site with a wealth of good reading!
  15. Yes, it does show much promise. Many of the links are not yet established, but what is there is certainly interesting
  16. It is difficult to be unaffected by these testimonial timelines of the attempts by the GBC to maintain ISKCON while transforming to a multiple zone ruler system. Some time ago I decided, as a newer devotee, to remain outside the scandal and do my best to maintain KC without becoming a part of the problem. It would be interesting if an alternative network were to develop with a structure more true to the original intent. Likewise, it is curious that the GBC, with a number of significant leaders who I believe have good intents, has such difficulty moving faster than a snails pace to reorganize an obviously failed and tainted ISKCON
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    and maybe the most philosophized about
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    I beg to differ with the Buddha. his commentary on Priests seems to needlessly indict gurus as being of a suspicious character. While this fits nicely in his packet of godlessness, I have no room in my heart for this voidful dialogue.
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