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  1. Remember the Lord is independent,and whom He chooses to bestow His Grace unpon is up to Him.Time place circumstance are no hinderance to Him.All our so-called righteous acts fall short.Better to be a sincere contrite person praying in a Church,though illiterate, than a vastly erudite pandit chanting pious slokas in a temple, but with a proud heart.


    This is too often forgotten in my case. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. I certainly dont pretend to offer any authorized or even politically correct view, but my feeling is that I have a tolerance of other views but can't accept them as the right path.


    The acceptance of a religious path is better than no realization at all, and perhaps an opportunity to open the door to the Vaisnava path for those who are ready

  3. I am inclined to agree with the above post. I see no harm in practitioners wearing the local flavor so thqt they may maintain themselves and further the effort of spreading the Vaisnava faith.


    In so far as filling out forms, I dont believe this information is anyones business but my own so I don't share it.

  4. I think as th saying goes, that science is the new religion of the masses. In Kali age it is easy to formulate theories and dissertations on the whys and wheres of creation and life.


    As a distration to the scripture, these platform,become more acceptable as man continues to form a world based around himself rather than Krsna

  5. Well, you're a lot closer to it all than me.I guess you drive home a good point about the isolated successes. I couldnt agree more about the "shuck and jive" devotees hustling people for books and that sadly still happens.


    I was on the east coast in the spring and in Times Square, Phily and New Jersey i witnessed the old fashion devotee scam of "book distribution" I agree, poeple are turned off by it.


    I know of temples that send out the prettier young female devotees with a "security" male to do airport book distribution, which is a two bit hustle by anybodys standards.


    Having said that, I hear the words of the scriptures loud and clear and firmly worship Krsna and Srila P without hesitation. Its the organization I distrust, not the message.


    I guess I'm just a little sad it has turned out that way.

  6. The US Government did not allow native religionj to be practiced for over 100 years. I sure wish you wouldnt just make stuff up as so to perpetuate an argument.


    It wasnt until Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter that native religions and ceremonies were allowed again which began to be outlawed after the war between the states.


    i guess there are bigots and racists in all forms, this thread is proof sadly enough

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