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  1. hey docitduo and suvarchasji greetings.. its a very interesting subject..tank you for ur contribution.. have done a calculation but wantto run it with you to see if its correct.. sun 23.55.57 libra..moon 15.12.51 aries====218.67 add 93.20==311.87..which is 10signs/11degrees/87 min..which is aquarius shatabhisha nakhshtra(lord-rahu)==yogi 311.87+186.40=498.27==16sign/18deg/27min..which is leo purva phalguni nakshatra(lord venus)= avayogi is this calculation correct respected sir
  2. jay any specific reason.. have seen some celebrity charts,federer,hritik roshan,sean penn where rahu sun have mercury conjunction..except Rahul dravid who has an addition of jup and ven with all three..intertesting
  3. greetings all, if rahu and sun are in virgo,, which benefic planet(mercury/venus/moon) would u rather have to reduce the malefic effects help appreciated
  4. hi everyone.. am currently running rahu mahadasha..its in 4th house with 9/2 lord venus..in ketus moola nakshatra and in saggitarrius house..is it benefic or malefic for me can I wear lagnesh (virgo gemstone)--emerald and gomed for this rahu mahadasha..currently wearing a diamond..someone suggested a ketu stone, cats eye as he is rahus nakshtra lord.. learned members pls guide me make a decision,thank you. 10th nov 1973..4,30am..mumbai
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