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  1. Krishna says in Bhagavad gita that, rare soul will get to know me in full. unless we get purified how can we see god.. we have imperfect senses.. eg a small child see towards sun, by looking towards it he will think that sun is just a small disk bt actually it's not. so to come at platform of understanding this complex system created by Lord, it requires deep understanding and firm faith in God .. My dear friend it is not easy to understand God bt if you have will to know his nature, if you really interested in getting out of circle of birth and death .. he will make a way for you. And also there are many books on spirituality/religions/sanatana-dharma ..point is one picks authentic book. I have lot to share with you, how can I help you?? I wish God shows you right path (path towards him). Process is simple, we have made it difficult because simple track laid by lord on which we dont want to walk.
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