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  1. Dear friends and all learned persons, I am relatively new to this community and this is my 1st posting. Prior to that, I would like to thank you all for your efforts in making such a wonderful website. I have gone through various books, discussions, and other sources of religion and spirituality (of Hinduism only) and from all of these, I have got the same perception..and in brief came to understand that : 1. The supreme power/supreme soul or the Param Brambh is absolute and He has manifested Himself in individual souls that we can see in the living world around us. Even in every non living things, He exists. 2. As far as the living souls are concerned, it has been mentioned in various texts that, the things we see around us, we realize around us, is the world of illusion or Maya. Each soul, according to their Karma of previous births, come into existence in this world and do their duties. 3. In each birth, according to his/her Karma, every living being advances along the path of Mokhsha. And this cycle operates until the individual soul may be united with Param Brambha. 4. Often this journey of life is not easy. After many tussle and hassles, many loss and misery, and after much pain an individual soul gradually attains enlightenment and get the ultimate goal of Mokhsha. 5. In Bhagavad Gita god describe Himself as the ultimate creator, protector and destroyer of the universe. Now once I get the ideas mentioned above, a question come to my mind that , if god has created everything, if He is the sole reason of every reason, is He is the creator of all Gunas (virtue) and Karmas (good or bad ) within us, if He want us achieving Moskha (and get our souls, which is also a part of Him, merged with Him ) after such a painful journey of Birth and Rebirth.... --> WHY HE HAS TO DO THIS??? -->WHAT IS THE NECESSITY OF CREATING SUCH A WORLD FULL OF ILLUSION/MAYA WHERE HE MANIFEST HIMSELF IN INNUMERABLE FORMS OF INDIVIDUAL SOULS AND LET THEM FOLLOW THE MISERABLE JOURNEY OF LIFE??? -->WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MAKING SOULS BORN INNUMERABLE TIMES FOR THE GRADUAL ENLIGHTENMENT OF SOULS WHICH LEADS IT TO UNITE WITH HIM AT THE END??? -->WHY AT ALL GOD CREATES SUCH A SYSTEM???
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