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  1. I think there naive question as there is nothing true or false in absolute term. There are things exist which does not exist in reality and there are things does not exist but exist in illusion. It is immaterial whether Ramayana has happened or not but it matters what you can learn out of it? It is compilation of life oriented knowledge which can reach to vast section of society in a language which can be understood by very ordinary person. If you study Ramayana and Mahabharata or for that matter any other holy scripture with devotion you can attain something very valuable in your life. It may not be possible to measure in form of material value. This sounds like I am strong believer of Ram or Krishna. But I think I do not believe that Rama or Krishana ever born in the form whatever described in these scriptures. However, it is an excellent work to be used to enrich the life.
  2. If god comes to change Aasuri tatva then why the first place he created them. One way we say that God controls everything and everything has been created by him. I would like to ask then what was the need to create greed, anger and lust? Swaminaryan happened in era of repression and anarchy in India due to British rule. What Swaminarayan did to overthrow the British rule? isn't it funny that all believers of Swaminaryan sect takes pride in British donated a land for building temple to Swaminarayan. The Indian land was belongs to India but Swaminaryan didn't have courage to speak a single word to address it correctly. The right set of people like Subhashbabu, Bhagat Singh, Lakshmibai, Gandhi like personalities recognized the status of Indian land correctly by asking British to vacate it. While Lord Swaminarayan went to British to get it in donation. To me Swaminarayan was a great man with lots of wisdom to infuse social reform in society at that point of time. He has changed life of several disillusion people. However, I know several such social reformers has started believing that they are incarnation of lord Krishana. Many are present at this point of time and many will be declared in future at appropriate time. If great man has died some 200 years ago then it is easy to prove that person as incarnation of God. Pandurang Shashtri, Asharambapu, Narayan Krishna, Satya Saibaba, Pramukh swami, Hariprasad swami and many more God in making. They all are God of 22nd century.
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