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  1. My humble pranams to our beloved Baba for giving me an opportunity to write few lines about HIM. To all those who have described HIM in different manner or trying to compare HIM with others I have few points to share with you all. 1. Aham Brahmasmi Tatvamasi is what our Vedas have preached all along. So if someone has reached a divine level because of the penance HE did for many yugas then where comes the confusion. So are you people trying to say our vedas are wrong then I am sorry that you have not understood Hinduism or its guiding principles which tries to elevate a soul from human level to divine level. 2. Human brain tries not to accept things which someone else have achieved and again which can be achieved only one in the whole yuga. Before trying to pass comments about a soul the correct process should be to check few basic things than passing unimaginable comments to be posted which should not have been done even to fellow human beings. Basic things would be, is HE trying to get money for anything? is HE trying to do service to human society as HIS only motto than making money? and the list goes on. 3. Regarding the organization those who have described it in wrong way have you ever visited Shri Ramarajya at least once before posting your comments. HE has done immense sacrifice in building an organization which would be a role model for any religion, state or country. There is a Church, Mosque, Buddha temple along with other Hindu temples. There is no caste or religion in HIS books thats why HE does not question who you are or your status when you visit to get HIS consultation. This is a simple sample that HE has elevated HIS soul to divine level and trying hard to help others to enjoy the bliss of the divine level. But we as humans still try to fight amongst us in the name of cast, religion. 4. We HIS beloved children don't call it as consultation but for the people who comes here initially comes to get HIS consultation. We feel HIS love wherever we are in this earth and HIS thoughts alone can bring us happiness in our lives. There are lakhs of people who took HIS blessings and who were skeptical initially then enjoyed HIS love as a father, mother, brother, guide & GOD. 5. If you do visit this commune then you will know how much sacrifices HE has done to bring the families together and trying to help elevate their souls by making them part of the Lord Rama's work as a small squirrel. We cannot find a word in dictionary for the sufferings HE has undergone to reach this level and HE is the first person to do any work in the organization. He is not a preacher sitting in a simhaasan and preaching Gita to HIS disciples. HE works 24hrs for the organization. HIS life is a message to all of HIS children. HE is the only person who has told not to follow HIM but take HIS life as a preaching. 6. Please quote a religious organization which reads the accounts in front of God and people every week. There is no secret in Baba's books. HE provides consultation to everyone in open hall and there is no private room or hall for VIPs. All are equal in HIS philosophy. I have tried to quote only few things. Days or years will not be enough to explain my experiences with HIM. This is not an outburst of anger towards some posters as our beloved GOD did not preach us that. But I don't want someone to pass a comment on a divine person (who has sacrificed HIS self for the sake of society) and get away with a feeling that he was right on his remarks as no one objected. If you have time please visit Shri Ramarajya before posting remarks on HIM. By posting remarks like this you are scandalizing the basic principles of Hinduism and the Great saints who have praised about Baba. HE does not gain anything by praises or bad remarks as HE has already become "Stitha Pragna" (Bhagavad-Gita: Chapter 2, Verse 59). Pranams to Lotus feet of Baba. Ganesh
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