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  1. My feelings hurt? That is a difficult thing to achieve. I am too dense to let my feeling get hurt. I just wanted to explain that SP was not threatening anyone. YS JLdd
  2. It would appear from some of the comments I have read on the various discussions here that some people really have it in for Sp disciples. For shame, and he would call you rascal offender, or perhaps mudha. That is an excellent way to trample your creeper into the dirt. YS JayaLalitadd
  3. Hare Krsna Maharaj, The responses to your quote show who has actually read and listened to SP. His voice and intonations are recorded for all posterity to hear. The fact that there are people commenting on his words without listening or reading them is sad . Hearing is the most important thing an aspiring devotee can do. SP himself said if his disciples have any fault it is that they do not read his books enough. I am afraid that problem is getting worse. Please keep up the posts. They are wonderful. As for the sense of the post, SP is saying that avatars are described in the sastras. He is daring those who claim to be god to come forward and confront him, kill him if they think they can. He will destroy their false ego with the words of the Srimad Bhagavatm, the CC, and BG and show that they are just miscreants. That is what he means by "kick on face with boot". SP would never assault anyone. He would worry when he thought that bug on his wall was not getting enough to eat. YS JayaLalita dd (ACBSP)
  4. Hare Krsna, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please, by all means, take SP instructions into your heart and follow them fully. He is siksa guru for the entire KC movement all over the universe. But do not minimize the parampara. It is by them that the karma of our past lives is removed and we make more rapid advancement. SP has given classes on the meaning of initiation. They are as good as his books, so listen to the importance of having that relationship. How much will it take for you to burn off your karma? Out of his kindness, guru takes if from you and lets you start without the baggage of burning it away. This is a VERY important point. Initiation is more than a formality. You and your guru make an eternal commitment to one another. He removes your karma and links your service to Krsna in the parampara. You serve offer service in a mood of submission. Do you think he will not let you have some other siska guru? Try being personal and asking him. Or, perhaps if you are a great soul, you can be a pure devotee just by reading the SB from one end to another. Can you do it? Have you done it, and are you pure now? It takes the right attitude of surrender, not just reading the words. SP said we could be pure in one second, but how many of us actually have the desire to do it? Not me, I need all the help I can get, and I suspect that most of us do. So why reject it? You can take the stairs, or the elevator. The elevator gets you faster.
  5. TRANSLATION "O learned sage, your explanations are very good, as they should be. Disturbances to the conditioned soul have no other basis than the movement of the external energy of the Lord."TRANSLATION SB 3.7.16 Everything comes from Krsna, even the material energy. Maya is that external energy. It covers us when we want to do something seperate from Krsna. Yes it can be realized. It starts with submissive inquiry YS Jayalalita dd
  6. When I was in college a few years back, we were having a discussion similar to this in astronmy class. The professor told us that everything came from the big bang. It was all composed of compressed hydrogen and everything got sucked into it until one day it exploded. VOILA! Since that time, the hydrogen atoms combined and changed to form new elements and eventually life. A bunch of us looked at him rather puzzled and asked ...'so where did the hydrogen come from'.. His responed with a very straight face when he said...."if we cannot answer the question, we do not address it' . Now THAT is perfect material logic I accepted a long time ago, that while all this stuff might be true (or not), it is unimportant whereas finding the person who created it is by far the more important knowledge. YS JayaLalitadd
  7. In fact, while you must accept a guru is present, one's guru does not need to be alive. Many of SP disciples have done very nicely in his absence. The fact that many have left reflects on our enjoying spirit, not his direct presence. We need the books because we have faulty memories in kali-yuga. We all have to have gurus that we hear from and can judge our progress, give instructions when we screw up by ONLY reading the books. This very discussion, which has been beaten to death so many times, is the proof that without someone to guide us and make a formal connection in the heart, we do not understand by only reading. That is what the parampara is for. Otherwise you are jumping over, something that SP warned us against many times. Like the Christians who have made so many interpretations based on what they want the bible to say. Krsna Consciousness is not like a common law marriage, that after you associate with it for many years, you automatically get all the benefits. You will get many. But as per Arjuna's example, you must be surrender your intelligence to guru directly to make the most progress.
  8. I know this one worked for me: I had some serious haunting problems in an old house I was living in a long time ago. Lord Siva is both the greatest vaisnava and the refuge of those in ghost forms. So as a vaisnava, I prayed to him as a vaisnava to please intervene with his followers on my behalf so I could continue my services. YS JLdd
  9. I doubt that He did chant the names of the Panca Tattva. One of the qualities the Mayavadis of the time respected Him for is His humility. Chanting your own glories does not fall under that category. About being in a Hare Krsna discussion and not believing Lord Chaitanya is Krsna Himself? All of Gaudiya vaisnavas and Lord Caitanya's followers believe He is Krsna. I personnally cannot put my understanding and knowledge above persons like the 6 goswamis or Krsnadas Kaviraj. That is just way too puffed up. YS JLdd
  10. Did SP tell us to chant Sri Krsna Caitanya prabhu...etc? yes, is everything he does pleasing to Lord Chaitanya? yes. Lord Caitanya is God, He is omniscient as well as not bound by the rules of conditioned souls. So is it relevant that he chant His own mantra or not? Although i think not. The vedabase may have more info on it. YS JLdd
  11. Hare Krsna, When Sp left us, he left us a way to worship him. He was not forced to stay. I have no idea how he comes back to get those of us who are not able to finish up in this lifetime. He went to the place where his preaching is most important. I do know that where ever he is, he is preaching. YS JayaLalitadd
  12. Hare Krsna, Well, there are in fact many quotes that can be made either way. This is a Krsna forum though, so I am making the assumption that especially the ISKCON devotees following Srila Prabhupada in believing that Krsna is the source of everything. So for us, the mind will not be changed by presenting us with so many other quotes. Most of us have converted TO Krsna Consciousness and were not raised that way. Krsna IS the K in ISKCON. We are not in the ISVisnuCON. To us Krsna is the first and is without an equal. I just listened to SP saying that Krsna is the Supreme being. "Isvara Parmama Krsna, sat cit ananda vigraha..." He is full of all six opulences. He is the SUPREME being, no one is equal to Him. There is NO RIVAL. No one is equal to or greater than Him. Since SP is my guru, that settles the question in my mind. Everything else is academics. Is that a bit dogmatic? Absolutely, SP also says that anyone who disagrees with his guru is a fool. YS JayaLalita dd
  13. "Krsnas tu Bhagavan svyam" Krsna is the highest. He is the one from whom all else eminates. Also, Krsnalila is the most intimate pastime. That is not found between Lord Visnu and Srimate Laksmi devi. Laksmi worships Her Lord in awe and reverence. Srimate Radharani worships in loving devotion. Krsna is the higher form. Hare Krsna ys JayaLalita dd
  14. JLdd

    Need help

    Hare Krsna Tony, I am not sure I can give you a total answer, but I can give a little advice. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krsna tells Arjuna to fight for the sake of fighting, without consideration for happiness or distress. BY so doing he will never incur sin. So material responsibilities are like that. You should not give up either your dharma (Krsna Conciousness) or your family. You have taken them on, indeed created them in the material sense. Therefore it is your duty to see that through unless some other arrangement is made. It has to be your first service to do what you can to raise your family, and hopefully give them a good impression of what a devotee is. Be the best devotee you can be, be the best parent and husband you can be, give them as much Krsna as you can without disturbing them too much. The rest is up to them and you will have done your duty/service. The material world is always distasteful to a devotee, but it does not go away when we take to Krsna. It is the inferior manifestation of Krsna and we are in the middle of it. The misery we feel comes from still thinking we are part of it. We are in it, but not of it. We are spiritual beings only and can function in it while being aloof from it. I know this is not much, but I hope that it helps. I suggest that you read the Bhagavad Gita As It Is carefully. It is the first book to read to understand the philosophy. Pre-existing conditions do not restrict one from becoming Krsna Conscious. Only we can do that to ourselves. YS JayaLalitadd
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