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  1. This was perhaps the first reply i read on this site and i find it petty, ignorant and analogically flawed, especially with regards the building anecdote. A clinometer is a tool, usually used in forestry, to measure, with extreme accuracy the height of a distant building or tree. On top of that, if you find the use of moderately complex tools out of context or out of your capacity, you can, to a decent degree of accuracy, calculate the height of an object by measuring the length of it's shadow compared with the relative angle of the sun (usually with a sextant) or compared to the length of a shadow of an object with known height, i.e. your own. My 10 year old sister and I use this method to measure evergreen trees in the pacific northwest. we've measured trees only to find someone with a clinometer has previously measured the same tree; we were within ~2% accuracy every time. If you could get me within 2% accuracy to the date the Gita was written/composed that would be accurate enough to figure which ideas were entirely novel and which may have been borrowed from previous texts; all books, writings, essays and texts do this to some extent, and which books borrowed specifically from it. This is one of the main focuses of historical literature (especially religious literature) studies. Thank you for the inspiration to write, -Connor
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