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  1. Pranams to one and all gurubhais, sadhakas and jijnasas. I have few questions regarding "Chandrawajra Vashikaran" and humbly request you all to enlighten me. 1. Is "Chandrawajra Vashikaran" a genuine and authentic prayogam OR it is just "Coined" by the fake vashikaran specialists seen on the net? 2. If it is genuine, which text is it from? 3. Have any of you ever read about it and/or tried it either theoretically or practically? If this chandrawajra vashikaran is genuine....I, in all humility request you to give me the in-detail procedure of its' prayogam. Thankyou one and all in advance. Pranams.
  2. Pranams to one and all gurubhais and sajjanas. I would like to know in-detail about the "CHANDRAWAJRA VASHIKARAN PRAYOGAM" 1. Is it an authentic vashikaran prayogam OR it is just a word coined by the fake vashikaran specialist on the net? 2. If it is authentic, Which text is it from? 3. Have anyone of you experienced its' existence either theoretically or practically?...if "yes"...kindly share your experience and explain its' prayogam in the minutest details Thankyou in advance to one and all. Pranams.
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