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  1. meditiate upon supreme Godhead and then you will understand all. hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare
  2. Hare krsna Killing any living organism is always sin but it is true that sometimes we are forced to kill them Such as insects when we are harmed greatly.. Of course all scriptures will forbid us to kill organism. It is true that we suffer according to our karmas; and the pain we get from other organisms is one of the three bighnas. Any way it is unbearable sometimes So we start killing organisms those harm us... As shuvo told that there is many drugs to remove insects..which are used...and also why should we allow them to breed in great numbers....Any way I think killing those small organisms causes little sin and they can easily be removed by virtuous act Moreover every day we kill so many micro organism bacteria for example with out knowing and even those causes sin.. these bacteria and viruses are mostly harmful and we donot say that we should keep them alive otherwise they may put threat to our lives..... Any way if you destroy these little insects for your survival in extreme cases will cause little sin ..and i hope krsna will pardon you when you make prayers to him also can make prascitya by any virtuous act... hare krsna all glories to lord krsna. chant and be happy..
  3. Obviously Strict vegeterian diet is recommended in sattic ahar. Except vegetables milk is allowed. I saw few to take[atap rice] rather than ordinary ones. Then there is restriction for excessive masalas,spices,oil,etc I think it is best to prepare food without them..all things should be properly cleaned before they are cooked You also cannot take factory foods and things inedible[out of date]. Hare krsna..
  4. No shuvo i donot recommend you to take raw milk;) ..But i can tell you one thing ; you better avoid milk in ekadasi(if you are confused about it}. i cannot help you anymore on this subject.I also have confusion on this matter. What i have told you is not learned from scriptures but only heard from people.. I hope you take the matter easily and you can consult with priest in temple to remove your confusion... hare krsna..
  5. Neither of them is intelligent. they are going after false things. they are very unfortunate until they come in contact with sadhus who can show them the right. One who falls in loving Lord Krishna - is intelligent(qoute from shuvo). this we all should remember. Hare krsna...
  6. Yes it is a good question. cooked food means fire touched which is prohibited ; but this is all I ahave known. I donot know the reason behind. We can hope taht some other devotte will answer your question shuvo. thank you..suvo hare krsna..
  7. When your mind is very relaxed and calm then it is best to to chant the maha mantra. but always you try to chant at the morning or evening periods. Keep lord krsna in mind when you chant.Chant regularly hare krsna...
  8. Shuvo You are doing well. In other ekadasis you can dtake milk, ghee,curds,fruits{raw};should avoid cooked things.grains are prohibited you can drink lot of water during tis time .. try to perform fast on every ekadasi. If you can keep fast without anything then it is best and bring lot of virtues. Hare Krsna...
  9. More about Nirsala Ekadasi It should observed fully during the time period given in hindu calenders. Religious tasks should be performed during this time . Chant and be happy hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare
  10. Nirsala Ekadasi is a very important ekadasi and should be observed with care. No water,grains are allowed except fruits. Chant and be happy. hare krsna..
  11. You teach your partner krsna consciousness. also mahamantra recitals. Visit the temples regularly and collect valueable information. Hare Krsna..
  12. Nitya karmas are very important in our daily life. like when we should wake up in the morning and what is the first thing to start with? If we perform nitya karmas well we can lead a virtous life . can anybody explain in good detail about nitya karmas? Before taking food we should offer it to lord krsna. Can anybody help me telling the nivedan(offering) mantras. or from where I can learn it. hare krsna.
  13. Super soul is eternal. it has no limit.it is present every where . with our mind with our knowledge and intellect we cannot realise this supersoul. it is beyond all limit. With yoga sadhana we can realise the supersoul and unify ourselves to supreme god head. hare krsna
  14. Actually prakriti is doing everything and prakriti is controlled by god. We are illusioned by maya and so we donot understand the truth. With good company we are benifitted and with bad company we suffer. But it is true that our past karmas determine our fate and also that God controls us. but it is not that god want us to do bad karmas. It is the gunas that are working, no living being can do anything by own but for ego we think we are doing. god help us when we follow the virtuous path(and this can be easy when we come in contact with virtuous people). Hare Krishna.
  15. Lord brahma is god of creation. But worshiping brahma you have to perform many rituals. These tasks are not easy in these yuga . people worships few common Gods and Godesses. And in this yuga chanting mahamantra is the best thing. Hare krsna
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