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  1. Haribol, What will happen to those people who will eat this sacrificed meat, where do they go,to hell or depeding upon their status to heavenly planets? Secondly where did Bhima go after he left this planet since he ate meat?
  2. Haribol, I admit that he was supreme and hence rules cant bind him but these are not sounding convincing to them. But could you give me details where krishna has gone for hunting and sacrificing those animals.
  3. Hare Krishna, Some of the new devotees are asking some questions regarding the regulative principles like how come Lord Balaram was taking intoxication and like Bhima taking meat, Is there any explanation for these?
  4. Hari bol, Does that mean that the subtle body like the mind, consciousness etc also have respective "subtle hearts"? YHS
  5. Haribol, Does our scriptures mention where paramatma resides, in the heart of our material body or within our soul? Can you please clear this doubt also ? YHS Vamsidhar
  6. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada, Hare Krishna , thanks all devotees for the information. SB 2.2.8 HDG Srila Prabhupada mentions that it measures 8 inches, i couldnt understand the purport since in small living entities how the paramatma is so big. YHS Vamsidhar
  7. Thanks for the info,but its mentioned in our scriptures that like soul, super soul also does have some size.
  8. Hare Krishna Can any one explain what is the size of the super soul? Where does he stay (inside the soul or just inside the body like soul)? Does any scripture mentions that.. VMD
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