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  1. aryans entered in india ,3500years back.(PROVED BY INDIAN HISTORY)).that means ramayana(10000BC) and mahabharata(5000BC) happened outside of india.(IF AT ALL ITS HAPPENED) jainism and buddhism born 650 BC, talked against vedas(means vedas were already written)but they didnot uttered a word about ramayana mahabharata, purans, smritis, aranyaka or bramhane, Geeta.that means these books were not written that time.there are lots of proof that these books written after murder of Brihratha maurya(last emporer of magadha 187BC)by pusyamitra shunga.this was first time aryans started rulling india and proper indians (anarayans) lost the battle.they finished jainism and buddhism by writting these books.(THAT MEANS 1500-2000YEARS BACK FROM TODAY) the new word Hindu has born, now known as religion, and these books became holybooks.
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