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  1. Indrajal is like black magic. It is exactly what the name says it is. It is a jal (a net) that is made by Indra, and the purpose of the jal (net) is to conquer someones body. Many people use it to controls someone's or a family's mind to make them do something; however, it will eventually kill. Indra is a demigod who received a boon (or a vardaan) that no other demigod can compete with his power, and Indrajaal is that power. If someone has indrajaal done on them, than praying to other demigods (ex Shiva, Kartikay, Ganesh) or demigodess (ex Durga, Kali, saraswaati) will not help, in fact it would make it worsen; even if you will play kirtans (gospel songs) about demigods. Usually along with Indrajal demigods are also prayed to help in destroying some ones life such as Shiva or Kaali. Tamagon or Cigaratte and alcohol are offered and sometimes meat is also offered. Indrajaals power is increased when other demigodes are praised. However, even though the jaal is unbreakable by the demigods, it not above God himself. The only way to relief the symptoms of jaal is to pray everyday to God (not demigods). For every type of illness their is a certain medication. Prayers directly to God is done by praising avtar of Ram, Krishna, Vishnu. but the most effective way to pray to alleviate indra jals effect is praying to Narsingh. Narsingh is an Avatar of Vishnu. It is really important that you know this form of god because this form will be able to help the most if you have indra jal done. He is mentioned in the Vishnu Puran and his appearance is in the story of Holika. Hiranyakashipu, the father of Prahlad was mad at his sun for praying to Vishnu and not to him. Hiranyakashipu had a boon from Bramha that no man or animal can kill him, no tantra or mantra could kill him. he could not be killed during the day or at might, he could not be killed in air or the ground. He thought he was god. So when his son strongly disagreed, he tried various methods to kill him; however, Vishnu always saved him.In the last scene of this story, Hiranyakashipu asked his son, Pralad, where is your god that you praise so dearly. Pralad relied he is in everywhere. Hiranyakashipu ask so is he in that pillar. Then, Vishnu took the form on Narsingh (half man and half lion; neither a man or an animal) and came out of the pillar. Narsingh was very angry. He grabed Hiranyakashipu and placed him on his lap (neither on the ground or the air). He stood in the doorway (neither inside or outside). He used his hands which had sharp nails and pierced Hiranyakashipu's abdomen ( No Tantra or Mantra), and he killed him. He was so so so angry. He was so angry that no demigod even dared to greet him or welcome him with a garland. So Narsingh took hiranskups guts and wore it around his neck. Later Pralad was able to calm Narsingh. When Indra jaal is hurting the body, or making you say wrong and hate ful things, or if you feel like you are possed (indrajal can make it look this way), remembering how angry Narsingh was during this incident will help. One of the most important mantra so say is Narsingh Kavach everyday. I have heard that Indrajal can be taken off. however, if a person takes it off, it will almost always NOT work, because no demigod has the power to overcome indra jal. and if removed, it will go back to the person who started it, and he will start the prayer again and this time Indra jaal will comeback much stronger. However, women who usually call durga matas on them can help depending on the type of indra jaal started. If there is no aid, then you will have to become a complete vegetarian who doesnt eat eggs or other meats and you will have to say Narsingh Kavach everyday and wear the Narsingh Kaavach on your body (Wearing the Narsingh Kavach on the body requires you to be very pure). Just one more thing to add: If someone does Indra jal to you, and in an effort to protect yourself, you have the indra jal taken off and sent back to where it came from, then this means that you are also doing indra jal and you will have the bad karma for that. I know it sounds wrong and unfair, but its true.
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