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  1. I have done what people said. Stayed positive. Started my prayers again. I feel good since I started my prayers. But thats all. Things have got a bit worse than before. There is almost no money to do the grocery. (thank god for that, that we can still eat) But not only that, my dads health isn't good. The doctors can't find anything. And finding a good pandit/guru/aghori/brahmin isn't possible where I live. There are a few pandits, but for advise or checking kundli they ask more than 90€. (about 8000 indian rupee) Last we went to a pandit. He said he will take us out of the problems. He wanted €400 . (about 33.000 rupee). Then he talked nonsense and did some rituals. And suddenly he said; ''For this demon the price is €400, but there are about 13 others demons. It will cost you €5400 with discount..'' (€5400 it about 458.000 rupee) We never contacted him again. I hope god wil curse him for tricking people like this. I want to ask, is there anyone who can bring me in contact with someone good. Someone that doesn't ask money and take us out of this misery. I thank you all. May god bless you,
  2. Thank you kind sir. I will take my time and read it.
  3. Thank you for replying. The problem is, about the black magic. I know many people have been saying that it is our thought that block us. It is like this sir, Whenever one of my uncles go to India and sacrifice a goat to Ma Kali. my parents get the dream about blood and everything. We stay thinking positive, but it just gets worse for a while. About the court, our lawyer said; ''We have so much evidence that we're going to win''. All cases went okay, but my dad said to the lawyer; ''I don't have the money now I will pay you back when we will win this court''. He said '' no problem, you're going to win this''. Suddenly the last case he said that we lost. But we had all the evidence that we needed to win. I stopped my pooja for many months, but 2 days ago I had this dream that the Murti of Shiv went to black. I was doing my jaap and when I was done a black guinea pig was running in front of me. I caught him, but then my dream stopped. I was thinking that Mahadev is angry that I don't pray. So i started to pray for him. Thank you kind sir.
  4. I am very happy that you replied to my topic. I cannot leave my personal information on this forum, I can mail you my information. The blackmagic is done by my uncles, they sacrificed animals to Ma Kali with my fathers name to kill him. Send me your email and I will mail you my personal information. And about navaratri, she has been saying that for over 3 years. I didn't lose my complete hope, but alot of my hope is gone. We are suffering very much. The biggest problem now is that my dad lost a court case and he has to pay over 300.000€ (that is about 25667351 rupees) The worst thing is that it isn't my dads fault, but it is from someone else. He blamed my father for everything, and in the court case my fathers lawyer suddenly gave up the case. But a few months before he gave up he said; We got so much evidence, we will win this for sure! And suddenly he dropped the case... I dont want to be rich or anything, I just want all the problems gone so we can live happy like 7 years ago... And about praying to god, I understand sir. Those are very deep words. I just only want to focus on Shiv, Krishna and Dhumavati for now, can I do that? It is like when I ask for something to god, someone else hears my prayer and destroy everything for me. Like a bad spirit who hears what I am saying in my head. I want to go to my mandir again, but also another thing about the mala jaap that I must ask. People say that you can perform a Mala jaap without getting a Guru Diksha, is this true? It is my dream to have Ma Dhumavati on my side. I got protection, I work with Indonesian spirits they are protecting me.
  5. Been vegetarian for almost 10years now. But my body is weak, and when I stand up I feel dizzy and my knees are very weak.
  6. Hello I am 18 years old and I used to pray everyday for about an hour. (mala jaap, reading chalisa, sudarshan ashtakam) I prayed for several gods/goddes such as; Vishnu, Krishna, Shiv, Durga, Kali, Bhairav, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Sarasvati, Hanuman, Lakshmi and Ganesh.. We have been victims of blackmagic since 7 years ago, and it is still going on. And i've been praying for about 5 years, but I stopped 3 months ago. We didn't see any results. And everytime I ask for something it isn't happing. For example; I asked the god to guide me through the drivinglessons i took some months ago. Several hours later I had to take my driving lessons and everything went wrong, I suddenly forgot everything. Same goes for everything else, I ask for something and it isn't happening. Infact it is going worse then. So I stopped with praying, I lost all my faith. We've been to many people for help for our blackmagic problems, but nothing helped so far.. I remember one day Ma Kali came into the body of my dad. (she went there several times and talked to us) Everytime she said; Wait a few months, after Navratri everything will be Ok, but nothing changed. How come this is happening?
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