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    Became initiated disciple of HDG A.C.Bhakativedanta Swami 1969
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    reading, chanting, racquetball
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    on disability
  1. (I am 40 in a few months, life begins at 40 - so they say) Bija: According to old Ben Franklin (as written in his Poor Richard's Almanac): In one's 20's the will reigns In one's 30's it is wit, and In his 40's it's wisdom He didn't continue on to say what attribute reigns in one's 50's but my best guess -- continuing with his "w" alliterations ... would be "wilting." -- Swarup Das
  2. Puru Das was a class act. He was a colorful, funny, brilliant, warm and sincere person who was humble and unpretentious. He had integrity. It's been decades since I had any contact with him but back when he first joined ISKCON we became fast friends and had some great talks. This world is a colder and darker place without him. I'm sure his faith and devotion has taken him to an elevated position somewhere. -- Swarup Das
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