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    ramkumarn_88 reacted to suvarchas in Please share the mantra to promote hair growth.   
    I suggest that people should not use mantras for simple and normal things as hair growth.It is like using AK-47 to kill mosquitos
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    ramkumarn_88 reacted to ramana_dasan in Can any body help me to get a mantra to invoke KUTTICHATHAN   
    this is so dangerous to invoke kuttichatan............you will still more from kuttichatan than from your enemies.....
    please dont try to explore these dangerous things
    please always chant arunachala shiva and that alone is enough to give you shanthi and power
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    ramkumarn_88 reacted to gokulkr in Is Swami Raghavendra fake?   
    to tenali :
    if you dont anything about madhva-saints and their greatness you have to goto a madhva mutt or raghavendra mutt to clarify ur doubts rather than comitting offence by posting comments against a great soul. all i can say is you are making a great sin
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    ramkumarn_88 reacted to raghu in Is Swami Raghavendra fake?   
    Of course you are.
    Just out of curiosity, how can you follow a religion that tells you that your parents are damned to hell eternally for being born as Iyers? Isn't that a rather cruel god to sentence someone to Hell for all eternity just for practicing a different religion?
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    ramkumarn_88 reacted to raghu in Is Swami Raghavendra fake?   
    If we just ignore the Christian missionary, do you guys think he will just go away?
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