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  1. Krishana is black but H.E. is taking all the all the darkness from world and hence he is black from outside. his activities are of such a sense every will be envied of him hence. To prevent him from being this he made himself as black He is full of light and knowledge,love at all that we can not imagine radhey rahdey
  2. hindu religion says "Love to all " live and let live om
  3. forgiveness,love and affection,petty,equality are the basis of the hindu religion radhey radhey
  4. please refer to Ram charitmanas shiv drohi mum bhagat kahava means Sri ram chander told this a person can never be his follower while having illful will toward the lord Shiva. Ram and Krishan are avtar of Lord Vishnu
  5. vasudev sutam devam kans chanur mardhanam devki parmanandam krishanam vande jagat gurum
  6. i really appreciate your concern with krishna krishna shuld be the ultimate goal of the life of every person He teahces us every thing You really a great person I whish i were able to feel like u thanks radhey radhey
  7. there is no difference between the messages conveyed by Krisna and Budha then how can we think this. Krishna and Budha did not tell us the leave apart. Sorry to know that u have not understood the fact as under Nar se Nararan When we are not able to respect human then how can we think to respect for Narayan(God) I pray to Krshan to resolve your matter and inspire both of u radhe radhe
  8. meaning for beutiful is which gives pleasure hence each and every lila is supposed to beautiful. whenever i see a lila with full devotion then i am completely filled with what i can not explain in words. even some time i can not speak. It is only the matter of your concentration and attachment towards "kisna" hare krishna
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