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  1. So if I am employed by an non devotee, it's bad thing? Sheesh....devotees can come out with some silly statements.


    I work in education. Is this a bad thing? My job doesn't affect my bhakti.


    Is ripping off the public with scams such as selling Hong Kong paintings brahminical? I would rather work with non-devotees than with "devotee" scammers. Scamming is dishonest.


    “In your foreign countries a party of

    sahajiyas has appeared.”

    This quote doesn't refer to Srila BV Narayana Maharaja, since Srila BP Puri Maharaja had a good and respectful relationship with him.

    Here's an excerpt from one of Srila BP Puri Maharaja's disciples:


    Sripad Madhavpriya brahmacari is a diksa disciple of Srila Bhakti Pramoda Puri Maharaja and is presently serving in Srila Narayana Maharaja's Sri Kesavaji Gaudiya Matha:]

    I have been associating for some time with Srila Narayana Maharaja. When I had first asked my Guru Maharaja if I may take the association of Srila Narayana Maharaja he said, "Yes. Why not? You can go to each and every Gaudiya Matha. Wherever you like, you can associate with higher Vaisnavas in our guru-parampara, in the line of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. And what to say about Sri Narayana Maharaja; he is a pure Vaisnava and sincere guru and Vaisnava sevaka.

    My Guru Maharaja stressed on the point that the important thing is to be in association with some high-class devotee. He used to say that if we are not in such association, we cannot advance. Therefore, wherever we can get that association, wherever we are getting good instruction, we should go that place, wherever it is. My Gurudeva was very clear on this point. I have also heard this from him so many times.



    "Srila Narayan Maharaj is a bonifide preacher in our line. We are happy that he is going to the West, and devotees should follow him. He is a rasika Vaisnava."


    The sahajiha quote, I believe, refers to devotees in any vaisnava groups in the west.

    Many western devotees have taken diksa within the "traditional" gaudiya groups such as the babaji groups at Radha-kunda.

    The sahajiha verse is often quoted by ritviks, which is bizzare since they believe every Gaudiya Math guru is bogus. It humourous how rikviks will quote from devotees they regard as bogus in other to further the rikvik view. </QUOTE>

  3. If someone posted such an article about Srila Prabhupada, it would be deleted, so one must assume that the admins on here actually condone the views expressed by Krishna dasa (obviously not his real name!).


    I am disappointed that the admins have allowed this diatribe to go through, especially when they have deleted less flammatory posts.


    Audarya-fellowship? Fellowship? Mmmmm....hardly!

  4. I've been around Gaudiya circles for almost 20 years, and nothing surprises me anymore. This diatribe against my gurudeva is nothing new.


    When I took diska from my gurudeva in the early 90's the local western Vaisnava temple banned me from the temple and carried out a smear campaign against me and my gurudeva. This caused me a great deal of pain.


    I now laugh when I think of some of the outrageous lies that were spread. The funniest lie, they spread, was that Srila Narayana Maharaja's disciples think that they are flowers in Vrndanvan. Yes...it true I'm a rose....:P


    I've learned that many lies are spoken and spread by so-called devotees, so it seems, nothing has changed since my experiences in the early 90's.


    Just from memory, Prabhupada cites Manusamhita as follows:


    1) one who steals one's land

    2) one who plunders riches

    3) one who steals another's wife

    4) one who administers poison

    5) one who attacks with deadly weapons

    6) one who sets fire to someone's house


    It isn't clear if killing these people is recommended in self defense as the attack is occuring, or if they should be put to death after found guilty of these crimes. In modern society, some of these crimes wouldn't be considered serious enough for the death penalty.


    Since the land that is now America was stolen from the American Indians, all Europeans living there should be killed.

    George Bush should be killed since he started the WAR.

    I'm sorry I don't agree with the manu samhita.....killing is wrong!


    This forum should get their heads our of thier ass. And start deleting posts which are offensive to Prabhupada.

    Panjaka could you please explain this as I'm baffled by this quote.

    There are some devotees who do worship their Guru in a way that is personaltiy cultism. I see it around my Gurudeva.

    Just because I see some devotees "worshipping" their Guru in this fashion is not finding fault with the Guru himself.

    Also what gives you the right to say what is offensive to Srila Prabhupada?

    "That's offensive....(add any phrase you like)" is the best way to stop valuable disussion.

  7. A vaisnava is the personification of humility, whereas your views are sectarian, cause pain, and may lead to many deaths.


    In the UK you could be sent to prison for inciting violence and religious hatred.


    You are a vaisnava is name only not in practise.


    As I have said before where you have religion there will be fanatism....


    I hope your views will condemed by many on this forum.

  8. Forget poltical correctness, devotees have to become socially correct first.


    That is:


    1. Stop selling dishonest Hong Kong pictures.


    2. Stop trying to be Indians by wearing Indian clothes in the west unless you are a sannayasi tec


    3. Grihastas get jobs.


    4. Support your kids.


    5. Stop having multiple marriages and divorces.


    6. Stop emotionally abusing our children in the name of devotion.


    7. Eliminate the hippiness that often surrounds western devotees


    8. Stop being conspiracy theory nuts...



    please feel free to add more...:)


    When you have faith that my Guru is the eternal Servant of krishna who can help me cross the material ocean then that is Guru Bhakti


    But when say my Guru is the only Guru who can do it and rest cannot is what personality cultism and morever vaishnava aparadh


    <!-- / message -->

    So personality cultism is alive and well in Gaudiya Vaisnavism?

  10. I have a veggie dog, and two cats. The cats are not veggie, but as I rescued both cats I am willing to accept the karma that their diet entails. In fact animals don't create karma. After they die I will not have another cat.


    Imagine that devotees ran zoos that protected endangered species. Would they refuse to feed the meat eating animals? Is that compassionate? Remember that in the wild these animals would kill for food. I accept that the ideal would be that all animals would be veggie.


    I recall that Srila Prabupada, at the very beginning, was prepared to feed western people meat if they just chanted the Holy Name...


    "All of you who are following this disciplic succession are ISKCON. Don't think that you are not. I am ISKCON. I'm not different from ISKCON" SNM, Murwillumbah, Australia: Feb. 18, 2002 (evening)

    I don't believe that Srila BV Narayana Maharaja is referring to the literal Iskcon as in the institution but the idea of Iskcon; that being an International Society of Krishna Conciousness. I don't for one minute disagree with the second understanding of Iskcon. In this case all vaisnavas are an Iskcon

    When I refer to Iskcon in my previous postings I refer to the legal, corparate Iskcon not the idea. To believe that there isn't a difference between these "Iskcons" is crass.


    And I've been informed of Indian followers telling American followers not to stay at the math but go on the world tour instead. It seems everyone is suffering from "Grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome, and they want to blame an entire sanga for problems, and say that only an alternative situation is better.

    I've learned that it's all the same diksa, whether it's in Mother Bharata or the 'evil satanic west'. When mahabhagavat is there, it's Vrindavan, apparently. Everyone is brother and sister under the umbrella of the acharya. To discount western bodied people is not only prejudicial, but it places doubt on the potency and intention of your own acharya's diksa and his intents to preach in the west. You as a westerner also give yourself a convenient excuse for constant failure.


    I am not dicounting western bodied devotees as that is forbidden in our philosophy rather I dicount the craziness that surrounds Srila BV Narayana Maharaja's sanga.

    I know many Iskcon devotees whose experiences with Srila BV Naryanana Maharaja's followers are not good. Many temples have experienced the overt "Come-to-my-guru" preaching at their programmes by Srila BV Narayana Maharaja's followers. This "preaching" often comes across as personality cultism, and is very rude.

    I know many Indian devotees who find many western devotees to be slighty crazy. Please note that I do not say all western devotees. The Indian devotees are not being prejudiced, rather they are correct in their judgements. Maybe that's the reason that they encourage some western devotees to go on the western tours so the the math is not effected.

    There is a dangerous philosophy within the western branch of Gaudiya Vaisnavaism, that is:

    "My Guru is superman, can do everything, and knows everything"

    So if this is what a Guru is, can I ask him which type of computer is best PC or MAC?

    Which Car is best, Ford or Toyota?

    In some of the conversations with some of my Godbrothers/ Godsisters, they have tended towards fanatism...let's remember that we are dealing with a religion and where there is religion there is often fundamentalism and fanatism....

    <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote -->


    "If anyone has a problem with SNM's sanga, then they have a problem with SNM himself."

    Lets look at this silly comment from another angle.

    Lets say that my Guru starts a new organisation, and as part of this organisation he includes Gurukulas and appoints the teachers himself.

    Lets say that over a period of time the children at the Gurukula are abused sexually, physically, and emotionally by their "teachers". If I find fault and ,as a human being, I have a problem with the organisation over the abuse of the children, am I having a problem with my Guru?

    Lets remember child abuse did happen in a major western Gaudiya institution. According the quote above being angry at the abuse is showing anger at the founder acarya! This is perverse logic...

  13. "If anyone has a problem with SNM's sanga, then they have a problem with SNM himself."


    The above comment is rather silly and dangerous thinking, in my opinion. I have a problem with my Gurudeva's sanga, but I don't have a problem with my Gurudeva. My Gurudeva said in a class in Wales</ST1:p:


    "If an institution interfers with your bhakti, then burn the institution down".

    This is great advice for those devotees, who like me, don't like institutionalised Gaudiya Vaisnavaism.


    Since 1996, when my Gurudeva first came to Western countries, there has been an "Iskconisation" in his institution. I would invite devotees to look at the fact that everyone who has a "management role" within my Gurudeva's institution is ex-Iskcon. There is not a single devotee who comes from an non Iskcon background in a position of importance.


    The ex-Iskcon devotees who now manage follow the management style of Iskcon, and one had only to read the history of Iskcon to see that this style doesn't work which is one of the major reasons for splits within the Iskcon

    organisation. In fairness to Iskcon, it is learning from their past mistakes.


    I've been a follower of Srila BV Narayana Maharaja from before he started coming west, and remember what it was like before his sanga became Iskcon. II. It was very different.


    Many of the the mistakes that happened in Iskcon are happening again and I am confident that after my Gurudeva leaves that there will be much in fighting just as there has been in Iskcon. Devotion to instiutions is not bhakti. The Guru is not the institution, or is the instiution the Guru.




    I must applaud the Guest who said that we should associate with the Indian devotees, as it is great advice. For those who want to know who these are. They are:


    Premananda Prabhu

    Uma didi

    Sripada BV Bon Maharaja

    Sripad BV Tirtha Maharaja


    There are more.


    One last point, there are a number of western men jockeying for promotion as sannayasis. I find this amusing since Premananda Prabhu who has been with my Gurudeva for over 30 years refuses to accept sannyasa even though he is very qualified.


    Just remember some western sannayasis "fell down" recently....here we go again...

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