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  1. About prasadam being thrown away:


    If Catholics celebrate the communion they use wafers that can be stored without rotting; And if there are rests they are kept in dignity in a shrine to make adoration possible, for Catholics believe that God is present in the food.


    So before anyone makes the remark I know that you are not Cathilics but anyway I'd suggest:


    1) Use food that does not need to be thrown away

    2) Find a place where you can keep the rest in dignity


    Yours, Sirona

  2. Correct me, but I always thought that the sign of bhakti is that a servant of Our Sweet Lord Krishna is patient and understanding towards all people and has no enemy.

    I have tried very hard to see Prabhupad as what you see in him, but he is just a man with a stone-cold heart and you as his disciples do exactly what he did: spread hatred. Shame on you.

    Sexually inverted people have no place in your "Vedic" society? You make me laugh. They can be found in Hindu society as well as in any other society. And they are persecuted like in any other socierty, may it be Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or other, although they do not harm anyone. And why? Because they remember the so-called men (especially men) of another, more gentle and less violent side of their personality "normal" men have to fight against to keep up the whole business of hatred, domination, violence and patriarchy also called "social order".

    Isn't it true that according to the Mahabharata in his 13th year of exile Arjuna served the prinesses at the court as a dancer, wearing dresses and long hair?

    Isn't it true that Shri Chaitanya often wore women's dresses to enjoy bhakti in the role os Srimati Radharani?

    And, gentlemen, if you hate homosexuals so much, did you never ask yourselves why you are attracted by God in a form of a graceful young man wearing eyeliner and jewellery?

    His Name is Lord Krishna.

  3. Dear Friends,


    I'd like to tell you about a weird thing that happened to me yesterday in the morning. I had been preparing myself for an exam at the university which I was afraid of, so before going to bed I prayed and meditated about Krishna to ask for his help. The next morning when I was about to leave the house I suddenly heard a voice. She said she was Lakshmi.

    "I am always at the chest of Krishna. I am very dear to him and so his devotees are also very dear to me. I fulfill the wishes his devotees adress to him. I carry the wishes to him."

    The next thing she said is that from now on she desired to protect me always. I should not fear anything for she promised to help me in the exam. In fact the exam I did pass with a very good result and I don't know why.

    In return she wanted me to "visit" her what I am doing at the moment on the internet. She said: "Just come to visit me and honor me by setting the look of your eyes at my face."

    I swear that it is true from the beginning to the end. I have not made up anything. It is the plain truth that about Lakshmi I have never known ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING but her name. I am just learning now by surfing the internet. Posted Image

    Never before I have heard voices or anything like that. I still find all this bizarre but on the other hand I feel very calmed and comforted by my new protectrice.

    Well, I just thought it would be a pity if no one gets to know about this.



  4. Dear friends,


    I read your discussion about who is superior (Vishnu or Shiva) with great interest and I find it very funny. I am a Catholic coming from a Lutheran country where such childish discussions about doctrine appear sometimes and I thought that followers of dharma would be wiser and more tolerant than Christians. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

    I think that Vishnu and Shiva are emanations of the same Divine showing different aspects of this Divine.

    In the Gita Krishna says: "Among the Rudras I am Shiva."

    So Shiva is in Vishnu and Vishnu is in Shiva. If you turn to one or to the other depends from your personal taste.

    May the Lord be with you.

  5. Dear Friends,

    my question is whether ISKCON can be considered as "really hindu" or "really Krishna" or "really in the spirit of the Bhagavad-Gita" or not and why (not)? I read Prabhupad's Gita "as it is" and I liked it very much but I did not join the ISKCON community cause I did not feel well about them. Now I read a lot of other information but not being of hindu origin I find it very confusing. Please tell me what you think so I might find the answer. You may send me an e-mail too: sirona@unicum.de. Thanks a lot.

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