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  1. Simple is fast for Wednesday, do 11 fast , try only sweet on fasting day U will have accelerated learning.
  2. Its correct .first do 5000 u will know by urself .do it in segments .u will gain insight. Good luck.
  3. Love and compassion is biggest vashikaran u can do its for life.
  4. Yes I started in english then by listening again and agin I able to do it.so u will also. Good luck.
  5. Due to duality of life spirit/soul and body. Ego is different from self respect. Honor is for ur divine presence of ur soul as body .maya is illusion its existence is true thats why u know and calling it maya it is present .love him u will know all .good luck.
  6. U have to be just pure at ur heart. Anger is ego. U feel self important to urself and got angry. Submit urself to him.
  7. Its total show off . I dnt want to be harsh but u have be strict and discipline or u will be lost. Good luck
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