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  1. Om Namah Shivaya When we read Shiva Puran what all the restrictions we have to follow. I mean do we have to do fasting while we read this holy book, Is it that we should not touch this holy book if we had non veg on the day, is it we have to take bath before reading this holy book. I am devotee of lord Shiva. I always was excited to read this Shiva Puran. But, When ever I read this book, I am facing problems like am getting short tempered for every small things. I don't know whether any fault from my side or Lord Shiva just trying to remove my anger by making it more suddenly or is it that am reading the holybook even after eating food. Guide me the things which has to be followed while reading and help me why am getting problems in daily life when am reading holy book, Brief me more about it, Thank you
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