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  1. Hari OM: Yes I was seeing that article and authors interview on various TV channels. I am not a prophet so I don't know what will happen in future. But from my reading of various scriptures, what I understand is this: This world is called "mixed" that is there will be both happiness and grief coming intermittenly to every individual, family, community, society and country again and again in waves. There may not be permanent destruction or doing away with all problems in near future. More importantly we have crossed the half-way mark of the 10000 years of Kali-yuga (called the golden period within kali-yuga). Now the actual knowledge will start spreading like wild-fire across the world, no country or group can stop this spreading. Probably it may start like full knowledge of body, the brain, the senses, mind and intelligence and finally about the soul itself. And each and every human will come into contact with the full and complete knowledge atleast once in his lifetime before the end of 10000 years. As is expected, multiple false knowledges also will spread along with the true knowledge and no body would be able to stop them either. Even very intelligent persons may find it very difficult to analyze and decide which is true and which is false knowledge. In my humble opinion the most important thing we need to do is have full faith in god and be truely honest to ourselves to find out the truth (that is not over come by greed, lust or fear). Then He will definitely lead us to the true knowledge. So I think we don't worry two much about triple eclipses, 2012, 2032, astreoids, resource crunch, over population, global warming, terrorism, rapture, pole reversal, etc., etc., while many of these problems may or may not happen and may be we can do something by reducing consumption, etc., our main focus should be on this golden age and the rare chance we get to go near the truth easily (in fact it was made so easy that truth comes in search of us) and not get distracted by other thing (no bahusahka)
  2. Hari OM: Children are normally worried or scared to sleep, because they don't know what will happen to their toys or friends once they fall asleep and will it be available when they woke-up again. So they try to avoid sleep as much as possible. But the Mother being more intelligent than the children knows sleep is a critical item for child and makes the child sleep by singing or telling stories (sattvic), giving a nice beating (rajasic) or frightening them with ghosts (tamasic). I "think" grown-ups (by age) have the same feeling towards death. They are afraid what will happen to their toys (house, car...) and friends/relatives etc., God (or his representative) being infintenly more intelligent makes the human die in either of the three ways. So I think either we have to go to the 4th state of consciousness (i.e., transcend sleep and wake)--Gyana Marg or completly accept God knows best and die peacefully knowing that He will take care of you in sleep and after you wake-up --Bhakti Marg What do you say?
  3. Hari OM: Recently I saw a programme in Discovery channel. They were showing Pryamids in great detail, their architectural wonders etc., also in the program they were saying Egyptians had childish beliefs like after death they will be transformed as it is to another world, that is why they also buried servants/slaves along with the kings. Something didn't match here, the guys with such wonder architectural knowledge having very childish beliefs of life and after-life. When I pondered over this, the following looks like a more probable situation [eventhough I don't have a proof, so in the same boat as western scholars speculating something] When the king decides to retire from this world [Vanaprastham] he enters into the pryamid along with the queen and all servants with essential things. We can call this as non-vedic , Yantra vanaprastham [Pryamid is a Yantra or instrument which helps to control mind and bring peace], it can be compared with vedic mantra vanaprastham where rishis used mantras or meditation to control mind and bring peace. After living for some time inside the pryamids and after achieving good control over mind [until then they may have food, water...], they decide to stay just inside a chamber and not come out. Next stage they order their servants to completely restrain their body with clothes and ornanment with no movements and place inside a coffin [while alive]. This would be the final stage of control and they leave their body with full control of mind. AFter this the left over servants would have done the same thing to themselves and left the world. Probably this would have all other Yantras and associated symbols and rituals. And I think probably many of the olden days cultures, traditions and symbols would make more sense when analyzed under the scope of varnasrma dharma. Else it may look like weird or sensless , just giving us a false notion that most of the generations that lived before us were simple wiredos.
  4. Hari OM: Dear Aqua3 Ji, Thank you very much for the clarifications. i was "thinking" about the Knowledge sacrifice for the past few days. what i understood is like below: Knowledge- collection of past events (memory), their interperations and analysis by mind Sacrifice - as explained by you giving up by saying "not mine" so when i do this the bliss automatically follows , or may be the act (sacrifice) itself is bliss. i am just interested in knowing any specific ritual for this sacrifice exists or it just enough to say full heartedly, without any reservations "this is not mine" and the sacrifice is complete. personally i believe that all the rituals - like purifying the Karta, the location, the witnesses (wind, water or fire), the sacrificing material, etc., are mainly tokens - the main and most important thing (and unfortunately missed sometimes) is the intention of sacrifice, but i would like to get it confirmed BTW i (think) was also now able to make sense of the statement (i think Srila Prabupadha's) - "this world is like a Jail" - while all other ways may be to just increase the comforts of the Jail or to try break through it blindly or itrying to imagine that we really like the jail etc., only Bhagvan giving Liberation is like the Jail Warden releasing from the Jail and so only this may be the effective and legal way to strive for..
  5. Hari OM if a path is eternal that means the journey would never end. Rather The destination (god) is eternal, the traveller (Jiva) is also eternal to some extent. So what is the twist in your post, looks like you equating Dharma with the Path is the twist, rather Dharma can be considered as a set of rules for the traveller, irrespective of the path he takes, the rules remains the same. do you still think of a contradication?
  6. Hari OM thank you very much. i am having one more troubling question, this however does not seem to be related to our topic, or directly with Gita itself, but was thinking about the apparent contradiction for some days, but unable to resolve it. Bhagavan says that His Viraat Swroop can't be seen by any other mortal in this world also His Vishnu form is very difficult to be seen by any body, but at the same time we read that Sanjya was seeing both the forms, in fact he is also explaining the Viraat Swroop. Also Sanjya does not seem to be mentioned as a great Bhakta or Gyani anywhere in Mahabharat. Can you please resolve this doubt of mine? Thanks,
  7. Hari OM: Let us assume that we two are living in Australia, one day we meet each other. i tell you that yesterday my cousin in usa delieverd a baby and i told my congrulations to her. now if you shout back, "wow that is absurd how can you go to usa and come back in one day" i can just feel sorry for you who had not heard about something called a telephone. read about a topic called "bounded rationality" in psychology where people think rational only the things they know beyond their knowledge boundary they think every thing is irrational. so dear increase your knowledge boundary.
  8. Hari OM Dear Aqua3 Ji, Thank you very much , now i am bit clearer than before, also would like to ask your clarifications in future for any further doubts. Also please let me know if you had written any books or had posted complete articles in Web, so that i can try to read and understand it first, before disturbing you. Thanks & Regards,
  9. Hari OM Do you have any idea how much of effort and man power required to extract one ounce of Gold? try to read, understand more before jumping to conclusion. i am not a blind beliver, i had also read so many scientific, astheic, and various religious texts , but found that every thing falls apart if you subject it to critical analysis, except Hinduism. Whatever way you try to contradict between the texts of Hinduism, you can't find a single contradication, however there is one way you can just shrug away the whole hinduism as rubbish, then you are the loser. Science is still like a child, full of wonders trying to understand the universe and its laws, very often it contradicts its own laws and tries to find new ones (take any branch, example atomic science, the laws- Dalton, JJ Thomposon, RutherFord, Bohr, Quantum, Rossetta and Quark theories are all contradicting to each other), while Hinduism is matured, no changes in its theories for millons of years. you are assuming that Sun should directly come with its 6000 K photosphere and 1 million K corona to earth to burn every thing, however like all objects Sun also has a personal form and that personal form can (and in fact had) come to earth to give child (like Karna) or gold or whatever. However the scientist can't digest the fact that Sun can be a living entity too which can do something of its own will, they think it is just a dumb burning ball (and for your info a recent neutrino experiment on Sun has confirmed that the Nuclear-Fusion theory can't be true, nuclear fusion may be taking place some where in the mantle of the sun and it does not seem to be the source of its energy as speculated earlier, now scientist are not sure what is happening in its core) Also one of the basic vedic beliefs is that different types of super humans (devas and devathas) are residing in sun like Grama Devatha, Pithr Devatha, Kula Devatha, etc., whose main duty is to receieve the offerings offered by human race (of the corresponding location, Kula and the generations) transmit it to the Devas in Indra's world, to the Pithrs (the fore fathers) receive back their grace and blessing and deliver it back to the corresponding Yajumanas (that is people who do the Yagna) , this is the basis of most of the Yagnas, Amavasya and other Poojas. Now the rational scientific people don't believe of devas in Sun and the two way exchange process and they had stopped doing all the mandatory Yagnas leading to the down fall of their location, their Kula and their Forefathers. They are just enjoying the grace of Devas without returning anything and becoming " thiefs". Let me remain an absurd, irrational idiotic fellow rather than a thief.
  10. Hari OM: i can't help if you are not willing to subject your assumptions for critical questioning and want to protect it like a treasure. How indians can extract thousands of tons of gold in just 1000 years, without any advanced mining equipments? they should be doing only gold mining without doing any thing. i think the explanation that they gold from other devas like Sun-God etc., looks more feasible. Also if you assume that ViswaKarma is God, it is your fault, not mine, Viswakarma was one of the Devas, there are many Devas, i.e., more advanced intelligent and powerful persons than Humans, earlier Hindus by following the Vedas were able to connect to these Devas and get many sophisticated and advanced material things. Once that vedic tradition was forgotten all the advanced things naturally disappeared from this earth. Now if you apply your scientific knowledge and search for the "traces" of disappeared things then you are in a futile search, since this is super-human things they don't disappear in the normal sense of man made things. Thanks,
  11. Hari OM: i have a few more questions regarding Gita, can you please clarify those 1) In chapter 4 Bhagvan says scarifice through Knowledge is superior to Scarifice through material things. Now i can easily understand what is sacrifice through material things but not so clear what is meant by "sacrifice through knowledge" 2) Also i am not exactly clear what is meant by "service to the Lord" suppose if i wish to do service to the Lord then what should i do 3) Also in chapter 4 He says, Pranayamam and different types of breath control are also a type of sacrifice i can't understand how they can be classified as sacrifice
  12. Hari OM: i am appearing confused, because you are confused. 1) How in the earth can i know that the "Aryans" you are reffering are Jews? 2) Now what is the proof of Jewish influx? 3) i had never heard of a Vyasa in Ramayana, you say Vedas are compiled by Vyasa, and say they are compiled during 300 BC, now i say Vyasa lived in 5600 not 300, now you come back and reply that it does not matter when Vyasa lived, my dear Sephiroth your logic flys well way above my head. 4) What nope? -- there is a letter written by Rukmani to Krishna, letter written by Duraydhona to Yudhistra through Ulloka, and how many instances you want...
  13. Hari OM: You seem to have so many assumptions based on the assumptions of other scholars and confusing that you are scientific. "pushpaka vimana had to have been built by people" No it is stated to be built by Viswakarma and nevery by ordinary People. "but nothing can be made by god without the hands of man" WOW! "but ive read in a couple of places" so you believe that to be true, even though you read in couple(s) of places like Ramayana, Mahabharat and Bhagavdam that kings lived in Maginificient palaces with full opulence you are not ready to believe that, you come to conclusion that Rama and Krishna should have lived in Huts. So there is no change in my view, that you are biased- you believe things depending on which places (or couple of places) you read them, not subjecting your reading to critical analysis. You are basically expecting the westerns to give a seal of certificate to Ramayana and Mahabhrata as Authentic, i am afraid it may not happen in the near future. And a final question, if every body were living in Huts and agriculture brought by some bacterias (just for fun) , just 3000 years ago, where did the loads of gold , diamond and ruby came to India (historically documented by your western scholars as being looted by Ghanazvi and others), did all these pour from the sky in 1000 years?
  14. Hari OM: Yes i agree that your explanation also looks very plausible. actually i had earlier stated that all ecological imbalances are tried first to be balanced by natural and then Bhooma devi and then only reported to Lord if can't be solved at their level. i feel Adharma and ecology (or environment) disturbance are some what related, i.e., when bad people are in increase the ecology and enivronment automatically degrades. anyhow thank you for the informative reply, there is another point which may be of interest, which appeared in space.com recently, that there is a bright green thin ray of light emitted from the Sun's north and south pole exactly at the twilight of earth timing, scientist are still not clear of the reasons. To the benefit of (IN)SANITY, the signficiance of the above point is that Hindus are supposed to offer their Argaya (pouring water for thanking SUN), exactly at twilight ( if you come back with "LOL what is the signficance sorry i don't have answer)
  15. Hari OM: since you are running out of scientific steam quotting Gita now? i am very surprised. in the same Gita Bhagvan says, "Foster gods with your sacrifice and let the gods shower their Grace on You, verily whoever enjoys the Grace without returning them is undoubtely a thief" so what does this mean? And for your info LOL as per Hindu beliefs Sun is a "guy" called Viwasvan riding in his chariot drawn by 7 magnificient horses circling around Meru [ don't come back and say your telescopes can't see the chariot, it will be never able to see them] Also this point was ridiculed by many "Scholars" assuming Meru means Himalayas, however i think that Meru signifies a mountain in the centre of our Milky way galaxy a mountain with 1000 golden peaks. If you want to enjoy the bounties given by Sun and earth without thanking them in return, you please do, i don't want to be a "thief"
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