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  1. First time when I read mantra of this gandharv he came at same day,but unfortunately I left chanting of mantra after 3 days and then he went. Again I started mantra after some days but 1 year has been passed he never come. Pls suggest how to appease him to again come in my life?
  2. In rahu dasha your wife should not wear blue color in anything like saree or bengal etc.pour water on shivling daily. Round a coconut on her head and throw that into running water once on Saturday evening.use white sandalwood tilak on her forehead.
  3. Dear All, I want to just chant baglamukhi mala mantra. no any puja/sadhna of maa . in this process should i have to follow celibacy?,i heard that just chanting is not puja/sadhna. Can i chant this mantra daily or i must chant just upto the days i am facing problems? Regards
  4. yes this is true if done with full devotion
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