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  1. Sat Nam, I want to ask which version of this kriya is corect - the one from Energy Maps (Gurudarshan Kaur Khalsa) or Transitions to the heart cenetred world ( GuruRattan Kaur Khalsa) - it is about the position of hands in exercise no. 5- do they both face up ( energy maps) or the left one faces up and right one down ( Transitions) Thank You for any help, Harpal Singh
  2. Sat Nam, I want to ask about excercise 2 in this set - when the hands are above the head do they face up or down? ( it is hard to discern from the picture) and what does it mean that they cross ( one is above the other?) and in the excrcise 2 do hands also cross? ( it is not specified) Thank you for any help, Harpal Singh
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