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  1. DEAR GUEST <<<<<<nitaipoddar: <<<<<<<<<I applaud you. You have shown humility and compassion - two wonderful attributes for a person to have. maadhav: You sir get a "F". You are arrogant and selfserving, refusing to see the viewpoint of others unless it nicely folds in with your own. You will never be understanding or compassionate with that attitude - I assume you never want to be. I know nothing about being a Hindu, and I have an equal share of Muslim and Hindi friends. Based on the conversation though, I would have converted to Islam just to spite you, maadhav. I would then convert to hinduism at the first opportunity that nitaipoddar gave me. He speaks of a compassionate and loving religion - not one of fear and reprisals. Thank you for the opportunity to read your comments and thoughts, nitaipoddar. I enjoyed every moment.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Well dear guest you are absltly rite abt "nitaipoddar" & "Madhav" i know Mr.Madhav very well than anybody here in this forum as far as His REPLIES are concerned ..and i guess even Mr.Madhav knows me very well...... and i totally agree with ur views @GUEST and am realy impressed by NITAIPODAR people like NITAIPODDAR keeps alive the spirit of our religion... And i bet DEE PUJA......ask your Nephew to Meet and stay along with NITAIPODAR or guys like him...he'll surely & truely will b able to understand our religion..... and but if u even thinking of tryin to convince ur Nephew in Mr.Madhav's way....or trying to convince him wih help of Mr.Madhav's like............you are Doing a big blunder. The more u use the pressure to keep the sand in ur fist the more the sand slips out... remember that
  2. i got u point of view and totaly agree with ur views......and brother...i'll b glad to read ur postings..so please keep posting "Hare Krishna"
  3. << Maadhav I disagree with your poitn that only saints can sing bhajan, >> the above mesg wasnt posted by me..it was ur msg....Mr.Madhav.... and i have very genuine answers for ur reply's too but i feel not to post 'em........ the reasons...1st thing you dont have respect for other's and u think that other's r jus lamers... and last thing u speak like an islamic mujhahidin's and u want to wage jehad on non-hindu's like and u r acting like an islamic fundamentalist... there's no difference between you and 'em r u afraid of something?? that u have deleted my post... anyways..gr8 job its such a shame..........u used those words in a forum of god....and i have a fitting reply for that too.....but its sencless to discuss with a person who doesnt want uderstand the point of view its you who makes the mockery of hinduism..not me reading the precious holy book Bhagvat Geeta doent make u a hindu......understand what the Holy book tries to explain... just mugging up doesnt make u a hindu scholor... i am a sanskrit student..and i am glad that am learning this language coz i uderstand the value of this language...coz of this language am able to understand a bit abt our religion ..our religion is so full of knoledgde that we cant imagine to know our religion it is must to know sanskrit and u know what v have lost 90% of scripters written by gr8 scholors like kalidas etc.. in sankrit....and i feel u r misinterpreting our religion..thats so sad you know what ... i met a boy..his name was Ram... he is 25 years old..he is a qualified engg in 10th he got 92% in 12th he secured again 90% in entrance Exam he got a state rank...and he completed his engg with 95% ....and that guy was offered a Rs.50thousand per month job....but he declined everything he sacrifised everything....he left his big house.....and now he lives in a ashram... he was so calm...he never listen's his admiration..if u admire him he simply walks away...he was so simple @ his age ...i was amazed what he eats twice a day what he eats is boiled rice and dal and that too with no chilli and almost no salt...that thing realy shook me.....guys like him called as a true hindu.. ...guys like him and gandhiji keeps our religion alive ..but not people like u fanatics who only thinks of revenge,violence,hatered well here i end my membership from this forum....... look its very simple to understand only if u try to understand what realy our holy book says.and may almight God help u.
  4. "Maadhav & Ganesh Talking about bhajans, like GP most of the bhajans are cry of a devotee to the lord. If you listen to marathi abhangs like "Pathitha mee paapi" and its purely a cry of Tukaram to vittal . if you know "sadasiva brahmendra" who wrote "pibare ramasam" & Broohi mukundeti that is of a different order. Maadhav I disagree with your poitn that only saints can sing bhajan, when you sing truly in search for HIM anything is bhajan. " Well Mr.Madhav i totally disagree with the very concept you have in your mind about other religions and about our religion too........firstly our religion doesnt teach us ..violence and revenge..our religion say's "FORGIVE"...our religion doest tell us to hate anybody....our religion say's spread "LOVE".....well u have criticised Gandhji...but i ask u for what?? because he wrote a verse "Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram........" well i ask u whats wrong in it??...i dont find it incorrect...he never told you or anybody to sing that verse in a temple or something like that....all he wanted is to make ppl like you and other anti-muslim and anti-hindu ,anti-sikh to understand that almighty God is one...it is senceless to fight with each other on his name..this is what he meant.... well if u think that singin this verse makes you or us coward ....its ur misconception....our religion belives in forgiving... well u said this verse didnt helped us...let me ask u..how we got independence..how hindu-muslim-sikh got united.well Mr.Madhav it realy helped us to gain our independence..y did partition occured did u ever asked yourself ..why? it happened?...because ppl like you never belived in it(verse-: Raghupati raghava raja Ram.....) most of the indians belived in this verse thats why our india is a secular nation <<<and our knowing it does not stop us from being slaughtered by them. not a bit. we need to unite to teach them that they need to give up islam or give up bharat. there are non violent ways to do it too.>>>> Well yes the Islamic rulers from afganistan slaughtered the hindu's...... i wanna ask u so what are you going to do...slaughter 'em too... well i wanna ask you again ..who are you to punish 'em..are you God? who r you to judge Gandhiji...r u God??....its none of our business to judge or punish any human... your job is to see what u are? and what is your job on earth that god has given you.. The afganis suffered for their sin's ...you can see the shape of afganistan,Iraq,palestine....they are suffering for their sins... <<<<any composition made by a non saint or non aachary is not a bhajan. no saint or aachary has sung rabhupati raghav. therefore, it is not a bhajan and should not be sung in religious gatherings.>>>> well "narasinha maheta, mirabai, tukaram " who were these peole ..were they God's??? i dont think so..Mira was a simple women...the bhajans which she use to sing has so much value ...why??...bcoz those bhajans came from true heart....who was kabir??? a simle man...y does.his dohas are considered so valuable...coz those words came from his trues heart..........same with Gandhiji why his verse is so valuable...bcoz it came from his true heart.. even Sri Sai Baba said "SAB KA MALIK EK HAI" whats the difference in SAI BABA'S VERSE and GANDHIJI's VERSE well its senceless to say "any composition made by a non saint or non aachary is not a bhajan." but rather let me put it in this way "any composition made by a human is not a bhajan unless it is true from your heart". .where was sri prabhupada when indians were suffering due to britains??? well he remembered Ghandiji when we got the independence....he wanted to spread hinduta after independence.............y didnt he approached Gandhiji b4 independence to help him.???? Ghandiji has done so much for the people but he had nothing for himself.... well look at yourself..where are you right now...in "USA" look into urself b4 criticisng others. look its so very easy to criticise a person...
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