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  1. Dear friends, Haribol! I apologise for not replying sooner, but there have been times, where I go to reply, and someone walks into the room, so I have to just close my window. For those who have shown compassion - a big heartfelt thank-you. It is a very difficult situation right now, and the last user who posted "Guest" on 12/05/04 05:22 AM", I would just like to tell him/her, that this is no hoax. I know a few of you have commented that the family have not taught the boy about Hinduism, but from where I am, you do not know the full story and circumstances. What can one do with a very quiet child from a young age? There are places like HSS youth groups which children can go to, but this boy went a few times, then decided not too. I do realise that maybe we should have pushed him more - so let this not happen again to anyone. Also, the fact that the boy has had many Muslim friends from a young age, and not many (Gujarati-)Hindu friends is also a fact as to why he has converted or has been converted. The final brick in this is that I believe that there is a Muslim girl involved in this... Do you believe in astrology? I asked an astrologer as to whats going to happen. He said that this young boy is going through his "Satte-Satti" (is this spelt correctly), and that after a few months the boy will return back. However, we cannot hold our breaths until this happens, and must and are trying to do something ourselves. Once again, thank you to all. I shall continue coming here to read the discussions. And I do apologise for not responding earlier. Haribol. Dee
  2. Haribol! I hope you can help us here. We found out four months ago that my 19 year old nephew has been practicing Islam for the last two years. We are Gujarati Hindus in the UK, and are distraught. We have tried talking to him, but its as if we are talking to a cold hard stone wall. He keeps saying that all he is doing is praying to God, and we should accept this. This is very difficult for all of us. We live with my parents (his grandparents), who are very 'dharmic' people. His father says that he will disown his son and throw him out. The mother wants to keep him under the same roof. He has two younger siblings, a younger brother and sister. What can we do? Any suggestions would be welcome to help us out in this. I have been searching the internet all evening, in the hope that I can find something. Please, please help us. There are tears, arguments and heartache in our house everyday, for the last four months. Haribol. Dee
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