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  1. Its not necessary in kalyug to have guru to proceed in spiritualism, Think about your guru's guru & his guru's guru...there must be one of them who directly got knowledge from God/dhyaan. Please go through below link for more detail.. jai shri ram
  2. Dear Devotee, God taught us many thing by putting us in different situation. The more away you from your lover (Mahadev/Satsang) the more strong desire to meet wih ur lover arises. As far as the desire to love mahadev is there you are blessed. Don't think that if u were in then u must have realized. there are many in india who does satsang & visit holy places but havenot realized. So surrender to Shiva & keep remembering/worshipping him. shiva is everywhere he is always with you. dont think -ve. I assure if you keep loving Shiva then you connection with shiva will continue in next birth too... Om Namah Shivay.
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