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  1. Vandematharam, The following shlokas / mantras are daily recited in my school which I feel are not recited correctly - (1) Tvameve Matachapita tvameva .... (2) Anyada Sharanam nasti tvameva sharanam mama .... (3) Sarva Dharman parityajya ..... (4) Isha vasyam idam sarvam ..... (5) Shannodevi Rabhishtraya ..... (6) Sahanavavatu Sahanaubhunaktu ..... (7) Mata Bhumih Putroham Prithivyah ..... I would be grateful if any one can point me to the correct recitation of the above mantras.
  2. Was just browsing through the following link - http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=36218 Old news, but very thought provoking. Do you think that a Jewish driven country like the USA, would take the trouble of coverting the untold millions of Indians to Christianity?
  3. "In vedas Rama is mentions" Dear friend, In which Veda do you find mention of Lord Rama?
  4. "Re (however in India today, as in many countries polygamy is illegal.) Is it? i wish, let us have one uniform law for all the citizen of India." Thank you for correcting me, it is illegal for a Hindu in India to have more than one wife. Not for Muslims. We live in strange times. Uniform Civil Code is still a distant dream. Aditya Vandematharam.
  5. Hare Krishna dear brother, "Pls. forgive me If you got hurt from any of my sentences." This is how you concluded in your previous message. I will not forgive you because you have not given any reason to be offended. You are like my brother to me (though a bit of a superstitious one, in my humble opinion). You have recommended me to read a book compiled by a devotee of Lord Krishna. However since the book is written by a human being, I cannot accept as a 'Pramana'. I would prefer to read the GITA instead. In it I find no reference to any ghosts or about their existence. Even better, I would refer to the most Holy of all the Hindu scriptures - The Vedas. None of the rchas of the Rk Veda, nor any mantras of the later Vedas refer to the existence of ghosts. I do not believe in any other books or scriptures that are subsequent to the Vedas. I believe only in the Vedas, because they are the original source of all knowledge. If by chanting mantras you gain any relief, I would suggest you receit the Gayatri mantra. It will make you so strong spiritually that you will be immune to all evil influences. May the Divine Grace be with you, Your brother, Aditya Vandematharam.
  6. you said that ghosts exists as per vedic literature. Kindly enlighten me which of the four Vedas refer to existance of ghosts?
  7. "In muslim or christan culture only men have more wives, but in Hindu culture women have more husbands. which one is right?" First of all, you said 'In muslim or christian culture only men have more wives'. Let me tell you that in any culture only men have wives. As for the number of wives a person can have in Islam a person can have four legal wives. In Hinduism, there is no such restiction. Lord Rama had one wife. Lord Krishna had many. Who are we to judge? It is a question of personal choice. As long as the husband is able to keep his wives happy, there should be no problem. however in India today, as in many countries polygamy is illegal. It is not true that in Hindu culture women have more husbands. I understand that in saying so you are trying to belittle Hinduism. Draupadi is one of the rare cases wherein a lady married more then one person at the same time. Hinduism per se, doesn't preach polyandry. So you should get your facts straight before shooting from the mouth.
  8. If Jesus is the only true God the why is he called the son of God? if Jesus is the only true God the what was his father, a false God?
  9. in christianity there is only one son of God. however each and every single Hindu is by himself a son of God. More than that, we are Divya Atma Swaroopa. So my dear christian friend please do not misguide us. As to the query of mr. kanoria, he should remember what the Vedas preach. Each and every one of us is essentially Atman. Atman interacts with Prakriti through the mortal coil. It leaves one mortal coil (body) only at the time of so called death only to enter another body that is getting ready in the womb of mother. There are no ghosts for there is no need for them to exist. There is only God that permeates us all like water permeates soaked sponge. If you have complete faith in this, you will never ever experience ghosts as they are figments of your own imagination. May Divine Grace be with you. Aditya Vandematharam.
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