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  1. Whats the problem if Mcdonalds opens a restuarant or slaughters cows near Iskcon temple?America is a free country.Anybody has freedom to do their business anywhere.Why should you be offended by what they do?What if neighbours of Iskcon feel offended by a hindu temple being there? Should Mcdonalds behave according to hindu dharma and shastra in USA?It need not do so. These type of protests and mentalities create a bad image for hindus.People who eat beef mind their business.Why cannot we follow their example and mind our own business?
  2. I know only southies,that too tamilnadu vasihnavites.They wont worship anything other than vishnu,his avathars,lakshmi,her avathars and other vaishnavite gods like maruthi,balaram etc.
  3. Many staunch vaishnavites dont worship parents,guru and husband.They also dont worship saturn,ganesh etc.Is this correct?
  4. To attain salvation your children should do some rites in river bank after you die.Else you will not go to heaven.Real jnanis who attain sanyasi stage from bhramachari stage without grahastha stage like shankara are exceptions,but they are very,very rare.everybody cannot become shankara. sex is divine in hinduism.Lingam worship is actually phallic worship.Is sex is sinful,why did vatsayana write kama shastra?
  5. sorry i took long to reply,but saw ur reply only today. I dont contradict.Even now i say lust isnt a sin.Seeing a woman or man and lusting at heart is no sin under any law. But doing it physically is illegal if you are married and certainly is wrong. If you are unmarried and want to get close with a woman before marriage,hindu shastras allow it.It is called as "gandarva vivaha".Thus it isnt a sin. legal marriage too isnt a sin. In vanaprastha stage you leave all this and reach god. what contradiction did you see here?
  6. Gneashprasadji, I did not advocate freesex.What I said was lust in mind.When one turns from bhramachari to grahastha he has to choose a bridegroom.So he has to choose among women.So you cannot avoid lustful feelings when you chose a woman. Vedas permit gandavra marriage where man and woman love each other and marry.So lust along with love is involved here.This is what I pointed out. avoiding lust in heart is impossible and not asked for by vedas.
  7. Ganesh prasad ji, You are confusing between the duties of a householder and jnani.The verses you gave are meant for jnani's.They apply to householders only when they have finished their duty as householders. see what paramacharya chandrasekaraendra saraswathi sankaracharya says about this. http://kamakoti.org/hindudharma/part19/chap1.htm "Those who do not marry and remain "naisthika brahamacarins" (lifelong brahamacarins) are exceptions to the rule that no man ought to remain even a single moment without belonging to one of the asramas. That is after the proper conclusion of his student-bachelorhood he has to prepare to become a householder. The Brahmin is born with three debts: he owes a debts to the sages, to the celestials and to the fathers. He repays the first by learning the Vedas as a student-bachelor; the second by taking a wife and performing sacrifices; and the third by begetting a son. So without marriage he cannot repay the second and third debts. Sons are primarily intended for the repayment of the debts to the fathers. Performing the sraddha ceremony is not enough. Forefathers of the past three generations are to be made to ascend from the manes. So even after a man dies, for two generations the daily libations must be offered to him. That is why the birth of a son is considered important. (The case of the naisthika brahmacarin and the sannyasin is different. Because of their inner purity and enlightenment, they can liberate, not just two generations, but twenty-one generations fathers without performing any sraddha ceremony). Panigrahana (the groom taking the hand of the bride in his), mangalyadharana, saptapadi (the bridal pair taking the seven steps round the sacrificial fire ) are important rites of the marriage function. There is a controversy about whether or not mangalya-dharana is a Vedic rite. It is an unnecessary controversy. Mangalya-dharana is a custom that is thousands of years old and it is an essential part of the marriage samskara. As I said before, after completing his student-bachelorhood a young man must take a wife for the pursuit of dharma. The latter should dedicate herself to him so as to become pure within. The purpose of marriage is a life of harmony and the procreation of virtuous children"
  8. Namaste ganeshprasad, (All stages of life is important non more so than the Brahmachari, it is here you learn the art of living, a guru advises according to the nature of student weather to take up grashastha or not that was in olden days) Those olden days are now gone.We dont have gurukuls.Even in olden days guru sukracharya asked his disciple kacha to marry his daughter devayani. (Never heard about the hell for one without a child, which could be for any number of reason. Did Bhismadev or sukhdev goswami or better still Hanuman go to hell?) They escaped only since they saw lord Ram and Krishna in person.Hanuman did not die so this question doesnt arise. Sex is god given,beautiful feeling.It isnt sin.Let us enjoy lust.Let us not make it a sin or abuse it by overusing it.Sex within limits and lust within limits isnt sin.For thoughts and feelings sky is the limit.
  9. hey dude, In Hinduism grashastha life is given importance.People who dont marry and have children will fall into a hell called as 'puth'.Everyone has to cross grahastha and bhramacharya stage.Without lusting how will you have children or be a grahastha? Even when we attain vanaparastha stage i.e very old age we need not leave lust.It will leave us by itself.So be happy and enjoy life.
  10. There is nothing wrong in lusting.Thats a god given feeling.If we see a member of the opposite sex by nature we will lust.Its a feeling.Nobody can control feelings.There is also no need.A woman also will lust at an attractive man.What is the harm in this? So stop this moral nonsense.Lust at women but dont misbehave to them.Be friendly and remember that they too lust.It isnt a sin.Its a natural feeling.Anything natural isnt sin.
  11. nothing wrong in it.Its a god given feeling.Whats natural cannot be a sin.Thats not a weakness.God is not calculating what lust you have in your mind and planning to burn you for that. enjoy ,have fun.Dont cheat your wife,thats all.Simple rule.
  12. I dont have references to scriptures,But i dont think that they banned meat eating in toto.Meat eating was permitted for shathriyas and sudhras,while banned for bhramins and vysyas.
  13. gauthamji, I agree with you that killing animals is horrible act.My point is "unbelievers wont understand the ethical aspects of not killing animals.But they will listen if we say 'eating animals is bad for YOUR health' I only said that I found that this view was very selfish.For believers the only reason not to eat animals can be ethics and morals.For us we dont eat animals since its disgusting to murder poor animals.No other reason matters for devotees. This is what I said.
  14. Vegetarianism is not good or bad based on diseases it causes to humans.Thats a very selfish view. Vegetarianism is good only since it is ethical and its a fair treatment of animals.Killing animals is equal to murder for which we have to answer god
  15. Hens and trees dont have language hence dont have thoughts like us.They are driven by feelings. Reality has no hidden meaning. We are dying animals and apes.
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