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  1. the most effective mantra is trishakti chetna mantra which covers mata mahalaxmi,mahakali,mahasaraswati, n thier root manifestation mother goddess Shri durga. It should be chanted when worshiping sitting with upright back for full effect. ohm jagdambikey durgaye namahh... is the mantra you can chant 24 hrs along with your daily activities.
  2. @moksha Dear moksha, I really liked your curosity and u have full right to verify the authenticity, but dear put some more effort beyond internet.I am an Engineer and leave in Mumbai and borne in MP I think we are on the same track,for your query "if he can take a group of people and make them reach parabrahma parmeshwara"? this exactly is the aim of his life. do you know anything about parabrahma parmeshwara? how he/she looks like, in what from/manifestation, ability etc..... what he preach is: mother goddess bhagwati shri durga is nature and creator of whole universe,galaxy and everything we see and human being is the best creation of her. THE aim of human life is to get moksha ie to be oneness with creator,nature or parabrahma parmeshwara if u mean the same . but human's selfishness,shortcut to earn money and inclination towards materialistic life, have put humanity what we see today, no one is peaceful and happy irrespective of their finacial condition. humanity at its worst condition, reason is their ignorance to what out ancestors rishi have tought. it is natures'(ma Durga) kindness that she always helped human being whenever era phased its worst phase by sending her messenger with noble thought and practices to lead a happy and healthy life. example is shri RAM, n shri Krishna were the messenger only and in this kaliyug we needed the same and he is none other that AVTAAR whomabout nastredamus has predicted about his qualities n his holy day will be thursday. he is preparing common people to give them moksha because rich dont have time. Lakhs of common people left their bad habbits intoxication,meat-eating, characterlessnes,immoral acts and are now making the society same, this is called the CHANGE and it is future for sure. NO body in universe can stop this CHANGE because almighty nature has sent shaktiputra ji only to do this CHANGE,and pathetic condition of all thug, dhongi and corrupt politician will be seen as time passes.
  3. @moksha it is very simple to say anything or even to abuse on one's back not on to face but its good characteristic . so if u concludes this by the villagers words why dont u yorself put some effort to know wat is truth.visit this place on dussehara (8th 9th 10th) ramnaumi you will sea atleast a glimpse of truth.more than two lakhs ppl visited in dushra-2011. I assure u for your complete accomodation and fooding will be taken care of by their ppl without asking a single pie and it is open to all world for all time . Can u imagine or even think in this direction that in todays world "is it possible for anybody to feed this much public two time full food with all facilities without asking for a single penny " by asking ppl only to leave nasha and non veg ...just tell me he is mad or what??why he is doing this to common ppl ?? can u guess whr he gets fund fromlike his any political connection, business(any kind) which can satisfactorily explain this huge funding?? he is not staying in his village since many years then why to trust to villagers word just see what he is offering and on what cost....? compare him by some contemporary babas..... if u see arrogance in his words then i dont know why u cant see his confidence and open chalenge to evil things.
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