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  1. Have faith in the Truth. For some, it is Krishna.... not the person... but that "something" which we refer as God. When we say Shiva also, it the same "Something" we refer. Telling Krishna/Shiva is better than the other is like saying "this fingers direction is right" and "that fingers direction is right"... when in reality... both are are directing to the same point. Sanatana Dharma is awesome, because of this freedom. No matter how people try to destroy it, it will always emerge back in no time.......
  2. Finally it is fully upto each of us to interpret it correctly. What do I feel? 1. I dont know if Krishna had 16k+ wives? My view : Krishna, to me, was a human being, who was enlightened, hence merged with God. Such a person has infinite love, zero sexual interests. According to me, anybody who loved him truly, he would have surely loved, in the purest of love. And probably any body who saw him / knows him would have felt in love with him. Even a man, that is because, an enlightened person has such pure love. And 16K + wives can be "imibibed" as a human being who can purely love (not physical) 16k+. Ideally, it is infinite. Now what about the physical love, he can till infinity, but he never will. And that is probably we should "imbibe". Love means pure love. So the author must have tried to convey that love, which in this time, gets confused because of the way "wife" and "love" gets defined. Thank you.
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