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  1. for saying the slokas in tamil, following is the attachment. navagraha stotram navagraha peedahara stotram navagraha gayathri stotram navagraha beej mantra
  2. Hi, GO TO YOUR FAMILY DEITY AND PRAY HER AND ALSO KEEP HER PHOTO IN YOUR HOME, AND DO DEEPAM TO HER PHOTO EVERY DAY AT 6. First read your entire family members horoscope with some good pandit. Check which graha dosha is found and try to do gayathri japa for that graha, that is mostly if raghu problem, do raghu gayathri MANTRA JAPA. Second, do ganapathi homam, cost (1500k-4000k) at ur home regularly every month. Third compulsorily every friday do goddess durga pooja and pour milk for naga devatha. LIFE LONG. Fourth go to kumbakkonam, TN, ayyavadi, Sri pratyangira devi, do homam on amavasya, rs.7000/- (nikumbala yagam)
  3. navdurga what is the book name and what is the publishers name, i would be very helpful for mepath
  4. Hi, In which temple should the sapta maatruka homam be performed, and can you give the homam details as to what matras will be chanted, and other details
  5. Hi, Go to budhan stalam at kumbakkonam(thiruvengadu i think), there is rudra pada, who ever is the eldest do pindam, then go to gaya - vishnu padam allahabad kasi If possible do pitru karyam at badrinath.
  6. Hi, First of all you should have confidence in you. There is a saying in tamil THaan padi deivaym padhi. that is... your efforts are half and rest of the half is god. To do things first. 1. Daily morning when you wake up say "Each and every day I am making progress in my life daily" thrice before leaving your bed. 2. Atleast once in a month pray your family deity. 3. 3 people when to doctor with fever, one got cured in a single tablet. one got cured after some visits. but third he he never came out. The moral of the story is.. the below remedy you have to do it life long IF YOU HAVE KALA SARPA DOSHAM. Every week on tuesday or friday(Based on your family views), there will be naga deity installed in temples{under the peepel tree}. go there and pour a glass of milk and apply turmeric and kumkum. cirucumbulate the tree 3 or 11 times. do it before sunset. Do this life long. 4. visit to kalahastri at andhrapradhesh near tirupathi and do parihara dosham or visit thirunageswaram at tamilnadu at kumbakkonam and do parihara dosham or visit kuke subramanya at karnataka and do a parihara dosham. 5. If possible consult some astrologer and install a naga deity under peepel tree or within a temple premises. If you are rich and ready to spend money, then do a nava-graha santhi homam at your home or at kodumudi at tamilnadu near erode. cost 2-3k Secondly after doing the homam go to ayyavadi at kumbakkonam and do a prathiyangira devi homam.{the place where pandavas got back their wealth after worshiping here.} cost rs.7000/-. Here you can get a good job. Don't loose heart, keep the god's praying as a part of life and not full part of life. Always have positive attitude and fight against all odds till you succeed. REMEMBER THERE ARE MILLION PEOPLE WHO ARE IN A LOWER STRATA THAN YOU.
  7. Hi, Just Like pratiyangira homam is being done at Temple at ayyavadi kumbakkonam and sarabeshwara homam is being done at lord sarabeshwara temple at thirubuvanam kumbakkonam, These two temples are very very effective and the correct place where the above mentioned homams when done will give high results. It is not that you cannot do that homam in other places, but for certain person suffering heavily the correct homam and its correct place makes it even more powerful. I would like to know which temple is the correct place for performing Sapta Maatruka Homam. Thanks in advance regards bharat
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