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  1. JAI MATA KI ......JAI GURUVAR KI......... Its really nice to see that the discussions are on ,for awakening right... my dear all forum mates and the awakened personality who has said that pramhans yogiraaj shri Shaktiputraji Mahraaj is thug or has so many case filed in his name....as far as I know he himself has many a times in his own words has expressed this and so it would be better if you be more specific because Even those whom you believe as GOD definetly like LORD KRISHNA,LORD RAMA or even other deities whom we pray have also killed and many wrong deeds from one point of view but definetly we all agree that was for some way or the other was for some noble cause some way for humanity..and we pray them ..writer of holy myth of Hindus himself was a dacaoit before his awakening by rhyming RAMA even he was unable to say Holy name RAMA so it was advised to him to pronounce MARA MARA fast and again and again and then it resulted in holy myth...and many more like this ..and one of my friend has also pointed out that he is when in his full flow speaks that he is above GOD.....prabhuji..as far as I think...as today SATHYA SAI BABA who has passed away leaving his earthy body behind .....lots of complaints were filed against him also...and those who were blessed with his guidance themselves are unable to express the peace the feeling they felt with him....so even I have heard him and know him and have never found him guiding any of the disciple in wrong way....and presently he is doing the same not for money or any of the glory he himself is having everything..and may be like u r saying that to his native and know about him ..if you know you are welcome .but those are of no meaning..b'coz we ourselves should focus on good not on bad..and leaving the past should talk about present...JAI MATA KI JAI GURUVAR KI
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