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  1. Anger is because you are forcing your mind into an activity. That results in your sense of ego getting insulted and there by suppressed anger arises. The probelm with cults is that many cults require absolute submission. Submission to some ideas and rules might appeal to your intellect, but your Ego will not buy it. Later when you are threatened with failure to reach the ultimate, aparadha, etc etc, the mind has too much to loose and decides to act in line with the dictums. but the egos are actually intact. So you have lot of anger, hate, jelousy, hidden and bottled up. when the opportunity presents itself, it explodes. That is why you find many people, who claim to be dasas, actually venting their frustration on this forum, resulting in fights. A truly spiritual person will not have any dicotomy. He/She will be at peace with him/herself and accept the universe as it is. To reach this staate, my suggestion would be to flow with life and witness everything. Witness your anger, witness your chanting. One day the truth will dawn. Hare Krishna.
  2. Ha ha ha Allah is the Greatest god. Greater but not greatest is Jesus. Less than greater but great comes Zoraster. I think too much of Puranas does this to people
  3. Prove that the shastras / puranas / vedas are not made up
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