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    my quest has been rewarded by kundalini awakening, in a body quite unprepared.
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    Long Island, New York
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    Yoga, Music, Psychedelica, the Occult
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    MRI Tech
  1. Namaste, first post. It seems I have found a beautiful and intelligent community. I have not read this thread entirely, but feel compelled to post: Regarding Mad Max, I believe it is a rather probable picture of the way humanity would react to "the Apocalypse" at the time of its creation. However, I feel as we approach 2012 consciousness is elevating, although in the event of "the Rapture" we will indeed face a time of "Mad Maxy vibes" (hippiespeak, lol) Regarding the "Big Bang" I have a theory based on nothing but a limited knowledge of science and my own personal feelings, which is most likely not completely scientifically true but listen (if you'd like): Anything I say from this point on is assumed true based on my limited knowledge of science. The universe as we know it, in our physical plane, is expanding, the galaxies are moving away from each other. At the center of each galaxy is a "black hole," which is a hyperdense mass whose gravity draws in all within reach. A spiral galaxy is a collection of matter, drawn to itself following a big bang. Each galaxy is spiraling into its central black hole. When the full mass of this galaxy is finally pulled in, there is no opposing gravitational force to the extreme influence of this black hole. Therefore, the black hole inevitably collapses in on itself into a singularity, which cannot remain and simply bounces off of itself, creating another "big bang" and creating infiinitely more galaxies leading to infinitely more "big bangs."
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