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  1. Does anyone happen to have access to the Ravi Shankar article written in the NY Times on Dec. 9th, 2001 eulogizing George Harrison? I tried accessing it but NY Times wants me to in order to read the article....I thought maybe someone out there had read it and saved a copy? Its called, "George Harrison, World-Music Catalyst And Great-Souled Man; A Childlike Simplicity, Full of Love" and Fun by Ravi Shankar, NY Times, Dec. 9, 2001 ARTS AND LEISURE DESK | Thanks! Keeshori
  2. I dont know if anyone is interested but I really feel something needs to be done about this and I don't have it in me. This Hindu lady, whom I think use to run around the AOL hindu message boards criticizing Hare Krishna's, saying Prabhupada is ordinary man, etc., is now taking this opportunity of GHs passing and the attention it gets us, to put us down. Please, someone at least take a look. Her sn is Indrani. I know some may say let it slide, but she does this big time, and it effects many readers who think she knows what shes talking about. (AND these ARE message boards for people to talk about GEORGE and what HE was into. - Sorry about the caps, not screaming, just emphasizing.) http://www.beliefnet.com/boards/message_list.asp?boardID=388&discussionID=9966 [This message has been edited by Keeshori (edited 12-23-2001).]
  3. Dear Jayaradhe, Thank you for the nice offer but even online I am not using my real name, so to send my name and address would disclose that. I dont want to make any offenses though and hope you will give that prasadam away to someone in place of me as I dont want to be turning down prasadam and get some heavy reaction for that. Oh yes, I do believe that in time I will get more loving exchanges. Thanks. - Keeshori devi dasi
  4. I have been quite upset over the passing of George and though much better now, I just have to post something. I suspect one of the reasons so many devotees have felt such great saddness is because in addition to being an ISKCON devotee for which we were so very proud of George for, he also presented Krishna Consciousness in a nonfanatical way that was so very attractive! Combine that with a big heart and, well, no wonder we were so disturbed. Very few devotees anymore are that sweet unless they want something from ya. He was so genuine and sincere. Glad he made it back! Ys, Keeshori ------------------ Chant Hare Krishna, be happy. [This message has been edited by Keeshori (edited 12-10-2001).]
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