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  1. powerful swami. powerful speeches, true sant, and a guide to akshardham
  2. shri hari swamio came to UK couple of months ago
  3. that was supposed to be a NOT between 'does' and 'reside'
  4. not in my opinion but as true fact all of BAP's property (in other words "temples") are just monuments where many people who do not know the truth just go and see the place. it is not a mandir because god does reside there, they are statues being offered food etc. this is how baps attract people in their monument and then skank tourist for their cash - the reason baps got money. our aim is to go to gods abode but i'm sorry Baps people will not go there but instead be stuck on this earth until they come to their senses
  5. shri swaminarayan bhagwan is a reincarnation of lord shri krishna at his own free will. it does not mean that because there is nothing in the scriptures about lord shri swaminarayan that he is not god lord krishna has himself said that "whenever and whereever there is a decline in religious practice and wicked actions predominate, i descend myself and assume a form" and also "in order to protect the saints and to destroy and annihilate the devils and to establish the principles of religion, i advent myself and come into concrete existence from time to time" therefore there is no difference between ram, krishna, and swaminarayan as they are all one supreme being
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